Announcing Community Vault Week

Hello #CrystlCrew! In the coming week we will be accepting formal suggestions for new Vaults the community would like to see on Crystl Finance. Keep on reading to find out the details!

How To Submit A Vault Request

In order to request a new Vault to be launched on Crystl Finance, all you have to do is submit the appropriate information about the strategy through the following [Form]. If you have any questions, we are more than happy to answer you in our Telegram or Discord community.

A screenshot of the Vault Request form.

All submissions will be formally reviewed by our team, and profitable Vaults will be considered and prioritized for implementation.

The Crystl DAO

Crystl Finance’s ultimate ambition is to become a fully decentralized autonomous organization. We believe that empowering our community with the ability to request new strategies will take us one step forward towards realizing that ambition.

By arming our community with the specific Vaults that they desire, Crystl Finance will have the advantage to stand out as a platform that truly serves its users. Not only will Crystl stakeholders have the ability to accumulate the assets they want with streamlined convenience, but they will also benefit from our Revenue Sharing feature which redistributes a portion of all platform profits to $CRYSTL liquidity providers. As the TVL on our platform grows, the Revenue will grow as well and thus drive value & demand for the $CRYSTL token.

What’s Next?

Keep an eye on our Twitter for further announcements, more Vaults, Boosts, and more information regarding Community Vault Week.



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