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Yield farmers and DeFi enthusiasts are always on the lookout to put their capital to work and escape the horrors of low interest rates offered by traditional avenues such as bank savings accounts.

At Crystl, we bring you the best and easiest means to maximize your passive income. With yet another week behind us — we are getting closer to delivering our new features & website overhaul; revenue sharing, V3 vaults, bonding, and more.

News & Updates

100,000+ Monthly Users

An incredible milestone! Crystl has grown significantly in the past couple of weeks reaching over 100,000 active monthly users total across Polygon and Cronos! With this, some users are experiencing some display issues on Cronos (but not on Polygon). The cause of these issues are the increased traffic on our site ever since Crystl was listed on the DeFi wallet. Unfortunately Cronos is a network in its infancy and there is a lack of infrastructure on this chain like public node services & RPCs that can support the load of queries made by Crystl.Finance to retrieve data for our Vaults & Pools. Since the traffic on our site is now so much higher, this has problem has been brought to the surface. Our tech team is working tirelessly to make our data querying more efficient and to upgrade our infrastructure. Soon these issues will be resolved, just in time before we also see our amazing new features! In the meantime if you have any issues regarding our Cronos interface consider picking up a new skill and learning how to manually interact with the vault contract to deposit/withdraw/or monitor your capital.

What It Takes To Be The Best

Ambition: At Crystl, we strive to bring you the leading tools in the industry for you to maximize your passive income. Our goal is to bring DeFi passive income to the masses, and it is why we have launched on chains like Polygon and Cronos which are affordable and accessible. You can expect us to expand to more chains in Q1!

Business Model: There are yield optimizers out there that are currently larger than us, they’ve had the first mover advantage. Yet, we are confident that our business model is aligned for growth capable of surpassing these giants. Our competitors have pursued the same boring formula; go on a chain, spin up vaults. What gives Crystl an edge is that our approach is so much more! When we go to a new chain we’re not there to just throw down some vaults and forget about them. With each expansion, we strive to contribute to the ecosystem, to foster relationships between various projects, network, and offer our business-development as a service. We help our partners grow, and our partners help to grow us. Together as a community, we can achieve more than what we can achieve alone.

Innovation: Crystl is committed to bring innovative solutions for our partners and our users to automate and grow their capital. When we looked at our competitors, we saw a lot to be desired in terms of innovation; they are bigger, have been around longer — but in all this time haven’t brought anything new! This is something that Crystl will change with our revolutionary V3 Vaults this Q1. Crystl Vaults will provide unique automation strategies that are not available anywhere else on the market. With this, our revenue sharing feature will be empowered to reward our community using the performance fees accumulated by these Vaults on multiple chains. Let’s also not forget about DeFi 2.0 bonding and protocol owned liquidity, which will bring stability and further scarcity to the $CRYSTL token. All of this is just the beginning, aimed for Q1! At Crystl we do not plan to stop innovating, we will monitor the forefront of the DeFi landscape to bring the best and most powerful technology and tools for users to maximize their passive income.

Jimmy & Light’s Stories

A number of you have requested to learn more about the team. Below, Jimmy & Light shared some insights on their stories and how they got into crypto.

Jimmy | Marketing Lead: Jimmy’s crypto journey started in 2017, way before he began hypnotizing the #CrystlCrew as the Lead of Marketing at Crystl. Back then, Jimmy joined a club with some of his friends where they would talk about crypto and share information about upcoming projects & coins. In early 2021, he found his way into DeFi with ApeSwap on Binance Smart Chain where he connected with the spirit of the DeFi community. Shortly after, Jimmy was inspired to become one of the co-founders launching Crystl.Finance.

Light | Marketing & Media Manager: The first time Light encountered crypto was very early on in Bitcoin’s history. As a tech-savvy kid with no money, Light sought out a means to pay for his favorite video game at the time: Runescape. He searched online for how to make money and discovered Bitcoin mining. Many years later, these Bitcoins were forgotten and lost to time. As an adult, Light studied & graduated with a degree in Computer Science. In pursuit of paying off his tuition he stumbled upon crypto once again in 2021. Discovering DeFi, he fell completely in love with the space, decided to switch his career, and joined Crystl.Finance as the Marketing & Media Manager to spread crypto education and make Crystl the best platform it can be.

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Crystl Clear Radio Podcast | Episode 04

Tune in to the 4th episode of our Crystl Clear Radio podcast! Every Sunday we talk to the #CrystlCrew about the latest happenings & news for Crystl.Finance.

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We want to reward our wonderful & loyal #CrystlCrew, that is why the most active & helpful community members in our Telegram and sometimes one of the live listeners during the podcast will be eligible for a shout-out to WIN some $CRYSTL tokens!🤩



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