Celebrating Crystl Community Month!

Shoutout to the entire #CrystlCrew community!

Hello #CrystlCrew! Its been nearly a year since we launched our protocol last year in June, 2021. A full year of operations & sustainability is a massive accomplishment that only a handful of DeFi protocols are able to reach. In celebration of this milestone, this month of June will be dedicated to our first annual anniversary. Keep on reading to find out what celebrations we have in store for the community!

Community Activities

  • Community Vault Polls: At its heart, Crystl Finance is very much a community driven protocol. We plan to empower our wonderful members with the choice to vote on a number of Vaults the community would love to see go live on our platform. Stay tuned for a way to suggest & vote on which Vaults you’d like to go live next on Crystl Finance.
  • Weekly Community Trivia Games: Do you consider yourself a proud Crystl enthusiast? Play our trivia games and see if you truly know everything about Crystl Finance!
  • Month-Long Community Giveaway: Support Crystl Finance through our June Community Giveaway which will be running throughout the whole month. This is your chance to win $CRYSTL tokens while helping to grow the Crystl platform.
  • Meet-The-Team Special Podcast Episodes: Get to know the people working behind the scenes at Crystl! We’ll have multiple members from our team join us on our #CrystlClearRadio Podcast to talk about their experience working with our platform.
  • Crystl Team All-Hands: The Crystl Team is planning to get together for the month of June to talk about what we have in store for the future. You’ll definitely want to tune in to hear some leaks & a better understanding of our long term strategy.
  • Crystl Crew Happy Hour: Everyone from the #CrystlCrew community is invited to celebrate Crystl Finance’s birthday on June 21st! Bring your favorite drinks and let’s share our best memories from the past year at Crystl.

Governance Activities

  • Boost Rev Share Rewards vs. $CRYSTL Single Staking: What would you rather see implemented? Higher Revenue Sharing rewards or an option to stake $CRYSTL and earn $CRYSTL? Holders will have the opportunity to cast a vote to decide.
  • Deflationary Burning Vaults: Do you want $CRYSTL to become a deflationary token? Vote for the implementation of Community Burning Vaults on Polygon, allowing the community to collectively burn the limited supply of 12,500,000 $CRYSTL.
  • Next Chain Expansion: Vote on whether or not Crystl Finance should launch our services & products on the next chain after BNB. Details will be shared closer to the vote.



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