Crystal Clear Educational Series 3: Setting Up a Custom RPC 💎

When Polygon is slow or congested, a custom RPC can help speed things up 🙂

Overview 📢

Welcome to another brief guide to make your experience on the Polygon network just a little bit better.

With the massive explosion of traffic surging into this ecosystem lately, if you’ve been here for even a couple of days, I’m sure you’re used to having to wait a little while for certain information, or waiting for transactions to process. This is okay for the veteran user, but it can instill a sense of panic in some earlier users. One way you can help to improve your experience is by setting up a custom RPC!

What is an RPC? ❓

Without boring you with the technical process, I’ll use a metaphor instead. If a blockchain is like a highway, your RPC is your vehicle. It is the piece of infrastructure that connects your actions to the network.

Continuing with the car metaphor, if you have 18,000 people in a Fiat Panda travelling down the Autobahn, there’s a good chance that Fiat Panda is going to be absolutely destroyed by the end of the trip, but it will also travel much slower, and not be as enjoyable for the 18,000 people aboard the vehicle.

There is a list of commonly used RPCs available here:

You also have the option to set up a custom RPC! This can be extremely handy in evening the spread of strain on the network infrastructure, as well as giving the end user (you) a much more convenient experience!

It might sound like a lot of hard work but trust me, it isn’t. It took me no time at all! Here’s how;

Create an account with at Matic Vigi;

Navigate to

Enter an email address and click “Sign Up / Log in”

If you have not set up an account, you will have to navigate to your email and verify the account. After you have done this, navigate back to still open Matic Vigil page. This will then open the RPC dashboard.

Assign a name to your dApp like “MyCustomRPC” or something of that regard and press the create app button.

Now you have to scroll down and you’ll see your dApp at the bottom. Click on it to get the details

In this list of details you will see an RPC URL. Copy this URL.

Now we need to connect your MetaMask to this RPC, this part’s easy! (Here is a guide to setting up a MetaMask Wallet:

Simply navigate to MetaMask and navigate to settings (Either by clicking the icon in the top right on the browser extension on a computer, or by selecting the 3 horizontal lines in the top left on a mobile) and select Settings

Scroll down until you find “Networks” and select it, then select the option to add a custom network.

Now you must fill out these fields! Name the network in such a way that it is different from your other Polygon RPC(s). Paste that custom RPC URL into the URL slot, insert the chain ID (which for Polygon is 137). Fill out the “Currency Symbol” with “MATIC” and insert into the block explorer URL

Congrats! Your custom RPC is set up and ready to go, simply select it from your network list, and enjoy! 😊

This article was written by King D

Telegram Handle: @King_D3



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