Crystl Communication Expectations & Priorities Going Forward

With Crystl Finance entering June for the final month of Quarter 2 (2022), today’s article is all about the intricate topic of communication & expectations between Crystl Finance and it’s community.

Learning From The Past

Transparency has always been one of the core values of Crystl Finance, and in the past 6 months we took it upon ourselves to adhere to a quarterly roadmap as a means of informing the community and defining expectations as to our focus for development. Admittedly, we have taken upon an ambitious endeavor which inadvertently crossed paths with delays.

In such a new field as DeFi, things often take longer than expected — especially when it comes to innovation. For these reasons among others, our pursuit of transparency going forward will involve important changes to how we keep our community informed and updated on matters of development.

Communicating Development & Progress

As we proceed into the future, Crystl Finance intends to remain fully transparent. Furthermore, we will aim to improve upon our effectiveness in keeping the community updated through:

  • Development summary graphics outlining important steps of progress for all major feature releases
  • Announcements indicating when progress between steps is made
  • Keeping our Gitbook documentation resources up-to-date with the above information
  • Communicating release timeframes only once they are 100% solid

Below, you will find an example outlining the present development status update for our long-awaited & revolutionary V3 Vaults product. As you can see, we are currently in the Pre-Release Testing phase, with the Deployment Phase coming up next. As we approach closer to the final phase, you can be sure that release date is just around the corner.

Communicating Priorities

The priorities of Crystl Finance going forward will remain the same. That being said, we will be taking measures to abolish any and all confusion from the community when it comes to priorities by:

  • Effectively presenting priorities through informative graphics
  • Backing up priorities with tangible & actionable steps

Community Expectations

At its heart, Crystl Finance is a community project. Although at the present there is a team that takes the initiative in leading the platform, our ultimate ambition is to become a fully decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) driven by its community, and for its community.

As we proceed into the future, we encourage all existing members to recognize this fact and explore ways that they can help contribute. Every user has the capacity to help the grow platform. If you are someone who wishes to elevate your role and activism in the community to the next level, please see our Community Contribution Guide.



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