$CRYSTL Wednesday Weekly Recap 09/08–09/15❤️💎

Hey hey #CrystalCrew this past week brought us lots of amazing things! The Crystal.Finance rebranding, more community giveaways and contests, as well as lots of new pools for you to stake $CRYSTL and earn with #HighVibeAPR. These are just some things to mention, so keep reading and find out more! 😉 Or if you prefer watching, check out our Weekly Recap Video on YouTube!

News & Updates

Crystal.Finance Rebranding

As announced earlier in the week, we are rebranding PolyCrystal.Finance to Crystl.Finance! This change is aimed to be mostly completed by September 17, 2021. All of our existing PolyCrystal domain links should still work and users don’t have to worry about doing anything. If you crave for more details, be sure to check out our YouTube Video and/or Rebranding Announcement article!

Treasure Key Game Integrations

This week brings a partnership expansion from Treasure Key, introducing some fun ways to play games with your $CRYSTL tokens! Feel free to try your luck in the following games:

Please remember to play responsibly! 😊❤️💎

In honor of this expansion, we have increased the multiplier for the $PIRATEP-$MATIC pair to 2x — so be sure to pair up some LP tokens and earn $CRYSTL in the Mines!

Pool Refills & New Additions

Who doesn’t love a healthy top-up for their favourite pools to keep those APRs nice and high? Here is a list of the Pool refills from this week:

  • Stake 💎 $CRYSTL → Earn $ETH
  • Stake 💎 $CRYSTL → Earn $PIRATEP
  • Stake 💎 $CRYSTL → Earn $USDT

Additionally, this past week we added two new Pools from our partners at PolyPulsar:

  • Stake 💎 $CRYSTL → Earn $GBNT
  • Stake 💎 $CRYSTL → Earn $GPUL

Thanks to our biz-dev team working those partnerships, $CRYSTL holders now also have the ability to explore the following Hidden Gems:

  • Stake 💎 $CRYSTL → Earn $ARABLELANDS
  • Stake 💎 $CRYSTL → Earn $POLYGAS
  • Stake 💎 $CRYSTL → Earn $UNIQ

Partner AMAs

It’s always exciting to talk to our partners and find out what they’ve been up to! We had two insightful AMAs happening this week. If you missed them, you can find the summary articles for these AMAs below:

  • xDollar: September 15th, 1500 UTC — article.

Remember to join us in any future AMAs, as the best questions have a chance of winning some FREE tokens!🤑

Community Events & Giveaways


The #CrystalGallery competition had an exciting turnout! The topic for this week was Profile Pictures. We would like to thank everyone for their wonderful submissions and congratulate the winners of this week’s competition!

NFT Giveaways

Thanks to our friends from MeebMaster (@meebmaster_nft) and 0xUniverse (@0xUniverse) for collaborating with us for some epic NFT giveaways. Congratulations to all the winners. If you missed these events, make sure you follow us on Twitter and take a chance in the next ones!

Thanks for Reading!

It has been an exciting week for Crystl.Finance! As always, we are incredibly grateful for all the support from our beautiful #CrystalCrew. More amazing things are on the way, so remember to stay stay updated! Follow our Twitter, connect with us on Telegram, subscribe on YouTube, and Medium!



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