Dogira x Crystl.Finance AMA Recap

Hey #CrystalCrew! Earlier today joined us for an AMA to answer some questions from the Crystal Finance community! Below you will find a transcript of what went down!

Crystl Questions

Hosts: Jimmy (@jimmythehypnotist) and Light (@xCryptoLight)
Guest: Skyler (@Ramsaidh)

Jimmy: To start things off, @Ramsaidh could you tell us about your team and the main features of Dogira?

Skyler: My name is Skyler I’m the CMO with Dogira. I was a United States Marine for 4 years. I moved onto an Operations manager role after the military managing roughly 120 employees with my 4 person team and started helping out Dogira around March/April and have been involved in crypto since 2016/2017.

Eoghan is our lead dev, he was one of the original developers with Dogecoin in 2013/2014 and also worked with Digibyte. Outside of crypto he is a game developer, SDK developer and has made his own game in 2020 which was released on steam and was downloaded by over 150k+ people

Dan is our operations manager, he has a professional background and is an officer in the Australian defense force, aka Aussie army. He is also an experienced crypto trader and founded the ADAPT crypto trading group which has roughly 450 members.

Mary is our amazing artist, she graduated from the South Russian Humanitarian Institute’s Department of Graphic Design and Arts, she has about 10–15 years working in art, graphics design and just about anything. She has worked on comics/manga/stories as well.

Elijah is our press and comms guys, he has about 5 years in marketing and a lifetime of experience in copywriting. He is the man to go to when we need articles written up about us such as this one here (Chainlink announcement about us)

Our 2 unity (game) developers that have been added to the team are anonymous for now as they are finishing up another project but they have about 20+ years combined working on video games

We’re an international team all in all. I am from the U.S. Eoghan is from Ireland, Dan from Australia, Mary from Russia and Elijah is from the U.S. We all Love videogames and always talk about what new games we found/played recently :)

Dogira as a whole is a blockchain gaming studio and gaming ecosystem! We want to put the fun or “experiences” of gaming first while adding in the wonders of blockchain tech. Our ecosystem would house games from companies, studios, crypto projects, independent developers or anyone that wants to partner with Dogira and put fun first :) all while being backed by the Dogira token and of course utility based NFTs!

Jimmy: Wow you guys have such a vastly experienced team 😊 and it’s great to know you all have diverse skill sets and backgrounds 😄

Skyler: We really are so diverse! It’s crazy how we all came together for this great project.

Jimmy: That’s one of the amazing things about Crypto and DeFi, it brings people together from across the globe :)

Skyler: Exactly! Reminds me a bit of the internet boom
But ya know…more memes

Light: I was just going to say! What a diverse team! Thank you for that insight on your backgrounds 😊

Skyler: You’re welcome!

Jimmy: Haha some say the memes are the best part 😉

Light: For the next question, could you share some insights on what sorts of partnerships Dogira is building to bring benefits to its holders? 😎

Skyler: Of course! So I can’t give out too much info on this but the partnerships we have built before have been focused on Charity aspects as we want to give back, especially to the animals of the world. Now that we have pivoted onto the developmental side of our ecosystem and proof of concept we want to build partners that not only rewards holders but are also integral parts to our ecosystem. As I tell my community all the time, I wish at times you guys had access to the things that are happening in the background. :)

We have our medium article going out on the 11th of each month and a community ama every other week with those AMAs uploaded on Youtube. So even though we like to hide our hand as there is a lot of things going on we will always update the community regularly!

Light: Wonderful to hear you guys make an effort for charity!

Profits and gains are nice, but giving back to the world is really important ❤️

Sorry, we just had to try and tease some secrets out of you hahah! 😁

Really looking forward to those partnership reveals and updates!

Jimmy: It sounds like you guys have a lot of cool features in the pipeline😊 I know we are very excited to see what all Dogira has in store, and definitely keeping the community updated is such a crucial part of any DeFi project

Light: For anyone interested, you will find Dogira’s YouTube channel here! 📹

Skyler: Oh absolutely! We want to give back where it counts. As of right now we have given about $70,000+ or so to charity, which and I don’t want to brag too much, is a lot more than other crypto charity centered projects

Light: Wow that’s incredible! 😲

Skyler: Oh absolutely, recently we updated the website to make sure it has the accurate V2 info. We also took down our roadmap for now so we can update it.

Jimmy: We are definitely looking forward to what you all have in store :)

Alright our last question before we get into the Twitter questions is: Could you elaborate on how the Dogira token will support the gaming and nft ecosystems developed by your in-house studios?

Skyler: Of course! Soon you will be able to stake Dogira and earn Dogira along with other fun ways to earn like Stake Dogira and earn NFTs that could be NFTs usable in our future games or games in our ecosystem ;) As for the use cases in game it could be a currency, used as a way to purchase an NFT, used as again the gold standard similar to what you see with real life currencies. A dollar is backed by the infrastructure supporting it, military, government, people, land, trade, and sometimes gold etc. etc. where a DogiraB token in an RPG would be backed by the main Dogira token and the ecosystem supporting it, the community, the other projects, the products. This can be applied to all the games or some of the games in our ecosystem. DogiraA DogiraB DogiraC belong to mechshooter200, zombiedestroyer2 and ruins of the wind 3 respectively, while being tradeable for the Dogira token to cash out on their play to earn games. This allows them to be in their own world but still pegged to the Dogira token. This is an example of just one of the models that would be possible.

Jimmy: It is so exciting to hear how the Dogira token will have so much utility with both NFTs and games :) we are definitely moving towards DeFi and Crypto being a main feature of gaming and I for one cannot wait 😊

Light: That is just so cool! I love the idea that different games can have their own independent economies but still be linked back to Dogira.

I personally believe crypto + gaming is the future. Very exciting stuff, can’t wait for staking!! 🤩

Skyler: Right!? It’s amazing, we can’t wait to see what new tech is introduced into the blockchain universe.

Same here! :)

Light: Alright! With that, lets get into the Twitter questions now shall we? 😁

Skyler: Yes please!

Twitter Questions

Can you list 1–3 killer features of Your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

Skyler: Well I believe answering the 2nd question answers 1/3 of the first so! It is our experience in game development, Eoghan as you saw in my paragraph above has amazing experience, we also have 2 unity devs coming onboard to help too :) We also have the feature or advantage of being able to step back and see what is missing from this space..that is fun. You should enjoy the games you play like…not even know that the game you are playing has crypto involved and then you look at your wallet and say “oh! I have money now”

That on top of course actually owning the in-game items you earn :)

Jimmy: Amazing 🤩 it will be such a great feeling when you can not only enjoy the games you are playing, but make some income as well, truly the best of both worlds 😊

Light: “You should enjoy the games you play like…not even know that the game you are playing has crypto involved and then you look at your wallet and say “oh! I have money now”

I couldn’t agree more, money aside — people put so much time into games they love. That is really important!

Skyler: Exactly! Grinding is so common but why should you do something you hate to try and kill time to make the things you hate more, go faster?

So, Is $DOGIRA Listed on Centralized Exchanges or do you plan to list it on Big CEXs? that is, Where can I buy $DOGIRA in CEXs?

Skyler: We are currently listed on Hotbit and Whitebit. Whitebit is fully on the V2 contract now and we are waiting on Hotbit to migrate over, we are actively talking to them to expedite things :) As for Big CEXs yes of course there is a plan for that. We want to make sure that exchange is willing to work actively with us. You might see a bunch of projects on tier 1 exchanges that are at extremely low valuations in price and largely unknown. This could be chalked up to lack of development which falls onto them but also plays into how active is an exchange. Are they willing to not only promote your project but be engaged with it and it’s development?

At this time we cannot give a timeline however.

Light: Sounds like you guys have it figured out! You’re absolutely right that listings aren’t everything, cooperation and promotion are important factors to consider. :)

Skyler: Exactly!

Smart contracts are vulnerable to bugs, and even recently three big new DeFi projects were victims of this, costing users funds. How efficient and secured is your smart contract, and did you ever audit it via any external party?

Skyler: Smart contracts are vulnerable to bugs without proper testing and audits you are right! It’s a good thing that we manually tested our contract and yes we did get an audit, it was with Paladin, everything passed and was marked as “100% resolved” We intend to in time also get a second audit via Certik, Obelisk or another trusted auditor.

Jimmy: That is awesome to hear Dogira had such a great first audit and every issue was resolved 😊 Security is everything in this space and it is amazing to hear it is a high priority for you :)

Skyler: Oh it absolutely is, what with the recent news with lost and/or stolen funds!

Jimmy: It is sad how often that happens, but there are also so many great projects like Dogira and Crystl that take every measure to ensure all funds are 100% SAFU 🔓❤️

Alright everyone, we will open up the chat for live questions :) be sure to ask your best questions as @Ramsaidh will pick 3 and those winners get $30 in $DOGIRA :)

Live Questions

I’ve seen you have made a partnership with Chainlink as your platform integrate their VRF into your blockchain games

From this partnership, what can we see on your project’s development and what are the things we should expect from Dogira NFT?


Skyler: We will be using Chainlink’s VRF in game yes! This opens up the door to many opportunities. The VRF is absolutely needed if we are to make a true native blockchain game :) attacks, dodges, stats, spawn time, etc. etc. determined by a random number generator, this can be applied to any part of the game that requires random numbers as these numbers correspond with in-game items, monsters and features. Without them the game wouldn’t feel as exciting. NFTs as I answered above would be Utility based, we would of course have simple art NFTs too but expect the utility based NFTs to be loot, armor, weapons etc. or other in-game items. As for project development we are currently waiting on our proof of concept along with the ETH bridge, staking/farming for our ecosystem and a few other very exciting updates :) Currently the eth bridge is priority.

Community feedback is very important for succesfuly of the projects. I really want to know, while you build your project, do you honestly take into account community feedbacks and opinions?

Skyler: Of course we do, community feedback is number 1. The only time you may see us not take feedback is if we have people urging us to push out a half finished product so we can “pump in price”. We want to deliver great games.

Jimmy: I love this sentiment :) it is great to see the team have the integrity to prioritize the long term success of the platform instead of aiming for quick price pumps :)

How will you manage the rewards and prices of different assets for the players and the #NFTs in the game, i.e. what happens if the $DOGIRA price goes really high, the NFTs and the rewards to the players also go up? 🐕💎💎

Skyler: As stated above one possibility would be to have each game have their own economy of sorts tied into the Dogira token. Rewards would naturally increase in price as the Dogira token does. As for NFTs we would as this time be, in time, releasing our NFTs to the open market. Considering that I cannot guarantee that your NFT will also increase in price. That would be for the openmarket to decide :)

We are long term here man or as others might say “you are early” yes of course we are aware of the valuation/price at that specific time but why would we just try to push something out that is not fun and just a simple gimmick? We want to create awesome experiences :)

I can answer more questions in our channel here if you want to join :)

Jimmy: Thank you for joining us today @Ramsaidh and for providing all of the great insights and information on Dogira and the amazing things to come ❤️🔥🥳

We will go ahead and open the chat back up :)

Skyler: Thank you for having me Jimmy! We appreciate your time :)

Light: Thanks @Ramsaidh! Great answers and insights!! 💎❤️😎

Skyler: Thank you @xCryptoLight !

Thank You

We appreciate your interest in the Dogira x Crystl.Finance AMA! Be sure to tune into future AMAs for a chance to win prizes for asking great questions!

To learn more about Dogira, please visit them at:



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