Doki Doki x Crystl Finance AMA Recap

Hey #CrystalCrew today we had the pleasure of hosting an AMA with DokiDoki — “a one-of-a-kind NFT platform that combines addicting Gachapon Machines with digital art, collectibles, and DeFi staking to create an unforgettable experience!”. If you missed it, below you can catch up with a full transcript of the AMA!

Introductory Questions

Jimmy: Everyone, please give a warm welcome to the wonderful @NagiNakomoto and @reiddf who are joining us from DokiDoki 😊
It’s so great to have you guys here with us

Nagi: Thanks! Excited to be here.
Having so much fun in your vaults, mines, and pools.

Rei: Nice to meet you all ^^

Jimmy: Thanks so much :) those Azuki Vaults and Pools especially are amazing 😊 I’ve been farming some Azuki to mint NFTs on your platform

Nagi: Nice!
The circle of DeFi life.

Rei: Love to hear it
Hope you get some rare ones

Jimmy: Oh exactly :) and the circle of great partnerships 😁
I did get a pretty rare Illiquid Girl ❤️

Rei: iLLiquid girls are awesome. It’s a machine created by one of our OG community members.

Jimmy: That’s so cool, I especially am very excited to hear about your team and process during this AMA 😄
Let’s get started so the Community can learn more about the minds behind DokiDoki 😊 Tell us about your team and your roles :)

Rei: I guess I’ll start then after Nagi can intro himself :D
I go by Rei, and I’m the founder of Doki Doki
We have 5 core members on our team. Two developers, 1 community manager, 1 designer, Nagi is our BD and myself. We’re all super passionate about DeFi and NFTs.
About my role as founder , I do a bit of everything , except dev lol
ui/ux design..working with artists, bd, marketing, planning new events, etc. My focus is on the product

Nagi: Rei is the mastermind behind the brilliant concept and tokenomics of Doki Doki. He’s also been the chief curator of art in the project and after 26 years in startups, I can say with confidence he is one of the best founders I’ve ever met.
I am a tech and startup guy and I help the team with partnerships, marketing, etc.

Rei: You give me too much praise Nagi. Everyone on the team is awesome :)

Nagi: The most important member of the team is our amazing community that drives so much of everything we do. They are hard core, dedicated, and make our jobs so much easier.

Jimmy: Oh wow you guys have such an experienced and diverse team 😊 you can tell how much experience you have with startups from your unique product and innovation in the NFT space❤️ and totally agree, community is the cornerstone of any DeFi project 👍🏻
Could you also tell us about your project and platform to help inform the community members that aren’t familiar with DokiDoki?

Nagi: Sure!
Doki Doki is based on the wildly popular Gachapon machines in Japan. There are entires stores filled with vending machines of collectibles. Rei realized he could make that virtual and combine and collectibility of NFTs and great art with the incredibly fun nature of the gachapon machine.

So, the idea is pretty simple. An artist loads up her machine with the NFTs she wants to sell, how many of each she wants available, and then sets a price.

Users come in and put in their token and spin the machine and they get a random NFT that could be super rare or any other levels of rarity.

The thing that makes this unique, is that it truly fits the cliche’ of win, win, win.

Rei: This is what a IRL gachapon machine looks like

Nagi: Users win, because it is literally the most fun you can have collecting NFTs. The random nature of not knowing what you get and the fun interactions with the machine are just great. Users will spin some machines they love 30–40 times.

Rei: We have rows and rows and entire shops filled with them here in Japan

Nagi: Users also win, because it is one low price no matter what NFT you get. Everyone is equal. No whale domination because they can afford $100k for an NFT.

Jimmy: King of Crystals and I can attest that it is so much fun 😊❤️


Jimmy: And you have such a varied catalog of NFTs that users can get, it appeals to so many varied art style preferences :)

Nagi: Artists win, because they don’t have to go through figuring out how much to charge, which art to sell, marketing to big buyers to get the price up, etc. They deploy the machine and let the collectors in and sometimes in just a few hours, their machine sells out and they have made a good living from NFTs.

Rei: Yup, 24 machines so far and counting

Jimmy: Definitely, and it’s a great way for artists to get their work out and make some Crypto while doing it 😊

For any community members who are artists, what is the process for someone to apply for their own Gacha machine on DokiDoki?

Nagi: We also have partners that win, because they can brand a machine, fill it with NFTs/memes around their project and make sure that their community has equal access to the best NFTs.

Jimmy: Very cool :) I know the Crystal Crew has a lot of memes 😉

Nagi: Soon, you won’t have to apply, but for now we have a form on our web site. Doki Doki is going permissionless.

Jimmy: Wow, so anyone could set up their own machine with their art?

Nagi: Yep, or if they have a big collection they could sell it that way or a brand can launch a machine for the community or influencer could launch one for their fans, etc.

Rei: Yup, that will be soon possible
In fact artists do almost everything themselves already, from minting to loading
We just deploy a new machine and assign them as the owner

Jimmy: That’s such a fantastic idea and opportunity for artists

Rei: we have a dashboard which includes minter, bridge, loader, and machine configuration

Nagi: So Doki Doki will become a massive marketplace of fun to play NFT machines.

Rei: No coding skill required
You can create and deploy your own digital vending machine
load nfts inside
And have others come and play

Jimmy: You definitely have a lot of amazing plans in place for the future, we can’t wait to see how much DokiDoki continues to grow ❤️😊 I will have to look into making a Jimmy machine :)

Nagi: I like it!


@KerynaSay: NFT MarketPlace becoming so much competitive. Big companies like binance and others make their entry in market. So It’s becoming so much difficult to stand out. How @dokidokifinance aim to stand out in this competitive market? What makes you confident in @dokidokifinance?

Nagi: Well, for all the reasons I mentioned above, there is nothing like this on the market. We will be a marketplace of machines, but not just another run of the mill marketplace like Binance, OpenSea, etc. The most fun you can have collecting NFTs and the only fair NFT distribution on the planet.

Then I would say the team. They just never stop driving and building, and brainstorming new ways to make it more fun, more vaulable, and more exciting.

So many cool things coming.

We are also working very hard to partner with some of the biggest projects in DeFi and will have announcements coming soon.

Rei: We also have some of the best artists on the platform. But yeah what Nagi said -Binance and other marketplaces don’t have Gachapon machines

We also see regular marketplace as complementary to ours

For example our collectors use Opensea to buy/sell NFTs they got from our Gachapon machines

Nagi: Definitely, I have been so tempted to sell my Seerlight pieces with all the offers I am getting….

Rei: So our Gacha machine is kind of like the primary marketplace
Opensea, and other buy/sell marketplace are secondary marketplaces

Nagi: I just want to say to this community, if you know any great artists struggling in the NFT space, because they have to be a marketer, technologist, and business person along with being an artist, have them join our community, so they can get their own machine when permissionless launches. We are on Polygon and Layer 1.

Rei: Yeah, our collection was trending last week on Opensea 🥳
One of our players sold their seerlight nft for 35 eth
which he got for 0.025 ETH from the machine

Jimmy: I totally agree, whether it is NFTs or Yield Farming, in the end the platforms that innovate and introduce unique features will be the ones that last and succeed in the end 😊
That’s absolutely amazing 🤩 I can’t wait to see what the other NFTs will go for!

@andyrBSW: I was reading the project documents and I observe that you plan to create a metaverse. What would be the functionality of this metaverse: a virtual gallery, or something else?

Rei: Hm. Maybe this part was a little unclear in the docs. Rather than creating an entire metaverse from scratch, we have plans to integrate with the existing ones
Like decentraland, crypto voxels, sandbox, etc
Virtual gallery? Definitely
It’s also possible to create a 3d Gachapon machine in the metaverse
That players can play through their virtual avatars, and win NFTs
We think that will be a very cool immersive experience for collectors :D

Jimmy: The Metaverse sounds awesome, those big partnerships would be massive and virtual avatars and 3d machines would be amazing as well 😊

@Eser750: Your project name seems to be very interesting. Does it have any story behind it? Can you share us with the inspiration for approaching to this name?

Rei: Doki Doki means excited heartbeat in Japanese
like when your heart is pounding fast, it goes Doki Doki Doki..

Jimmy: Like when your heart pounds when you get a rare NFT from a Gacha machine :)

Rei: Haha yes exactly

Nagi: Exactly!

Rei: We chose this name because we wanted to build products that evoke this feeling of excitement

Jimmy: That is such a great backstory for the name :)

Live Question Segment

Nagi: A: So, right now, the NFTs are collectibles, but we believe firmly, that the use of NFTs will dramatically expand and we are currently working on some great functionality beyond collectibles for the project and make it accessible to artists, brands, etc.
The potential of NFTs is amazing.

@JM_500: Users who have the $DOKI token will be able to buy #NFT and other products ?. Will they be able to earn a $DOKI token for each victory they obtain and for attracting more users? I think that would be great.💎🟣

Rei: So we have two tokens -

DOKI is a low supply (50k) token. We use platform revenue to periodically buyback DOKI and add liquidity. It’s can be also staked to earn some AZUKI tokens, although not as much as LPing for AZUKI

AZUKI is a yield-farming token that you can spend to play some Gachapon machine for NFTs :)

You can now stake AZUKI/MATIC to earn CRYSTL and stake CRYSTL to earn AZUKI. Then use AZUKI to play Gachapon and win NFTs.

@maudierunyan2003: Did you consider community feedback/requests during the creation of your product in order to expand on fresh ideas for your project? Many projects fail because the target audience and clients are not understood. So I’d like to know who your ideal consumer is for your product?

Nagi: A: We are constantly getting great ideas for the product development, partnerships, and artists from our community. Their impact has been seen at every level of our newest version and will be part of our next version.

We have also done extensive survey with our community to get their feedback and ideas. This really has to be a community based product, so we give our users what they want. They’ve been with us all along and have brought so much value from input, new community members, artists, and partners.

Ideal Consumer: It is hard to find people that don’t like to try their luck at getting value for low cost and there are so many people that love art and collectibles. NFTs are a gigantic market and we have barely scratched the surface. Not only do we think the existing NFT market has even more potential for the project, but we also believe, that our machines and integrations will allow us to be a primary gateway from people not yet into crypto or NFTs, because our machines are so much fun to play. So, we see integration with games, Web2 projects, influencers with merch and integration with products in real life, and much much more.

Jimmy: Great Questions and fantastic answers from our DokiDoki guests ❤️
Thank you so much for joining us @reiddf and @NagiNakamoto 😊 it was so amazing to learn about DokiDoki and all of the innovative plans you have for the future. We are all looking forward to the partnership between us and the great ways we can grow together 💪🥳

Nagi: What a great community Jimmy! Those were incredible questions. If you didn’t get your question answered, I encourage everyone to join our community to get them answered.

Rei: Thanks Jimmy! It was fun. Cheers to a great collab so far and more in the future ^^

Jimmy: Definitely :) we look forward to more community activities between our projects 😁

Nagi: Thank you everyone!

Thank You

Did you know that the best questions asked on Twitter and during the Live AMA segment are eligible for a prize? Be sure to tune in on future AMAs at Crystl Finance and for your chance to win!

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