Farm NFTs with Doki Doki x Crystl Finance!

Hello #CrystalCrew! We’re absolutely thrilled to partner up with Doki Doki to bring $CRYSTL 💎 holders even more farming utility, as well as an additional way to earn $CRYSTL 💎 by providing liquidity! As of September 30, 2021 you can enjoy the following at Crystl.Finance:

  • 🤿 Pool: Stake 💎 $CRYSTL 💎 → Earn $AZUKI
  • Mine: Stake $AZUKI — $MATIC → Earn 💎 $CRYSTL 💎

But that’s not all! With this Crystal Finance x Doki Doki partnership you will now be able to actually farm and earn NFTs! Eager to find out how? Then keep on reading!😉

Introducing Doki Doki

Doki Doki is an amazing “one-of-a-kind NFT platform that combines addicting Gachapon Machines with digital art, collectibles, and DeFi staking to create an unforgettable experience!”.🤩

You might be wondering what is “Gachapon”? Gachapon (ガチャポン) refers to Japanese vending machines that dispense capsules containing a mystery collectible, similar to blind boxes. Doki Doki enables projects to launch their very own digital Gachapon machines and load NFTs inside for others to obtain by playing!🏆

Users can either host their own Gachapon machine on Doki Doki by applying for a partnership, or play with Gachapon machines using $AZUKI, $ETH, or $BND (for Chainbinders).

To learn more about Doki Doki, please visit and read their Gitbook documentation.


Doki Doki’s ecosystem uses two tokens $DOKI and $AZUKI, each with their own purpose and use cases!

  • Ticker: $DOKI
  • Polygon Contract: 0x5c7f7fe4766fe8f0fa9b41e2e4194d939488ff1c
  • Ethereum Contract: 0x9ceb84f92a0561fa3cc4132ab9c0b76a59787544
  • Maximum Supply: 50,000
  • Distribution Information: See the following article.
  • Description: $DOKI token holders win from economic activity in the ecosystem. 15% of all $ETH generated by DeGacha machines which accept $ETH goes towards adding more liquidity to $DOKI. Tokens are re-distributed to stakers as LP and holding incentives.
  • Ticker: $AZUKI
  • Polygon Contract: 0x7cdc0421469398e0f3aa8890693d86c840ac8931
  • Ethereum Contract: 0x910524678C0B1B23FFB9285a81f99C29C11CBaEd
  • Maximum Supply: 40,000,000
  • Distribution Information: See the following article.
  • Description: To play certain DeGacha machines and win special Doki Doki branded NFTs, you’ll need $AZUKI tokens! You can obtain $AZUKI via yield-farming or buying the token. A portion of all $AZUKI played on DeGacha are burned forever, reducing the supply.



DeGacha is the core service of the Doki Doki platform, allowing anyone in DeFi to apply for their very own DeGacha machine on Doki Doki. This is where NFT enthusiasts can come to try their luck at obtaining NFTs from various creators, as well as official NFTs of the Doki Doki brand!🎨

  • $AZUKI Machines are a special kind of Gachapon Machine that require $AZUKI tokens to play, and feature official Doki Doki branded NFTs!
  • $ETH Machines are another kind of Gachapon Machine, these ones accept $ETH for payments instead. When someone plays with this machine, 15% of the sale value goes towards adding liquidity for the $DOKI token as well as incentivizing liquidity providers.
  • The $BND Machine is a unique Gachapon designed specifically for the Doki Doki’s Chainbinders project (you may learn about Chainbinders later in the article!)


The Collection feature is just that — a place where users can track and manage their beautiful NFTs stored on the Polygon or Ethereum mainnet. Users can also review their previous DeGacha playing history! Furthermore, it is possible to bridge and transfer NFTs between Polygon and Ethereum mainnet (as well as additional chains in the future, according to Doki Doki’s documentation).


The Stake tab of Doki Doki is also pretty self explanatory, this is where users can access all of the native farms of the ecosystem. Doki Doki incentivizes liquidity providers for their native $DOKI and $AZUKI tokens.🏦

$uDOKI Token
On this page you might notice the $uDOKI token paid out as an incentive reward to liquidity providers. This token is from an integration of the UNICLY protocol with Doki Doki. Essentially, $uDOKI is a fractional share of a unique NFT collection. To learn more about it, read up on this page here.


Chainbinders are a limited set of 110 types of NFTs from the Chainbinders universe, a unique Doki Doki IP product directed by Roy Blackstone. What’s really cool about Chainbinders is that unlike your ordinary NFT, they are backed with a reserve pool of $ETH — ensuring their value!🤑

Currently, the reserve pool contains an astounding 1415 $ETH, worth 4.2M USD on September 30, 2021! Holders of Chainbinders NFTs can redeem them for their value at any time by visiting the dedicated collection page. When redeemed, the NFT is burned and the holder obtains the $ETH in return. The rarer kinds of Chainbinders are of course worth more than the common ones. This is a really interesting system which increases both the scarcity and $ETH value of the remaining NFTs in the set when a user redeems their NFT.

Chainbinders NFTs can be purchased here on the special DeGacha Machine accepting $BND — the custom token designed by Doki Doki for Chainbinders.

We must applaud Doki Doki for their extensive documentation! We highly advise all readers to visit their Gitbook for lots of additional information.

Doki Doki Roadmap

Now that we’ve covered what Doki Doki has to offer, let’s take a look at some of the things on their roadmap:

  • Doki Doki Tickets — improving platform scalability and enabling community curation
  • Custom Collection and ERC-721 support (Punks, Glyphs, Axies, etc)
  • Fiat Integration
  • Unlockable Content
  • Metaverse Integration
  • Other platform enhancements and features

“Our vision has evolved — we want to grow DeGacha into the premier gamified marketplace for the entire NFT ecosystem. In order to achieve this, development efforts will be focused on scalability, value-added features, and mainstream accessibility.”

For more information on the future ahead for Doki Doki, see their roadmap article on Medium.

How To Farm NFTs With $CRYSTL 💎

With the introduction of the Crystl Finance x Doki Doki partnership, it is now possible to farm NFTs with $CRYSTL 💎! See the above graphic which outlines this process.

  • Start A: If you are already a holder of the $AZUKI token, you may want to consider this option and provide $AZUKI-$MATIC liquidity on the Crystl Mines to earn yourself some $CRYSTL 💎 with a high interest rate.
  • Start B: If you’re a $CRYSTL 💎 enthusiast/holder, simply begin by staking $CRYSTL 💎 on the Crystl Pools to earn yourself some $AZUKI! You can then sell half of your $AZUKI for $MATIC and create LP here. Note: LP needs wrapped matic ($WMATIC). Or you can just go ahead and take your $AZUKI tokens and try your luck at one of their DeGacha machines to get NFTs, you might even get lucky and get a really rare one!

Advanced Strategies
If you are a holder of the $DOKI token, you might consider the below strategy where you can use your $DOKI to borrow $MATIC on Kitten.Finance and pair that with $AZUKI to farm $CRYSTL on the Crystl Mines.

Note: Credit goes to @dokidokifinance for this strategy.

Doki Doki Community & Contact Information

This article was written by Crypto Light, feel free to reach out to him on:

  • Telegram: @xCryptoLight
  • Twitter: @0xCryptoLight



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