Goodbye April, Hello May!

Time flies fast in DeFi, and this April at Crystl Finance was no exception! We’re now entering May and its a perfect time look back and review the major accomplishments & happenings from the past month.

Governance Proposal #9

The community has voted unanimously to reduce the performance fee for our upcoming V3 Vaults on Polygon to 3%. With this change, Crystl Finance aims to stand out with the cheapest performance fee among the leading yield aggregators on this chain. This change will take effect with newly launched V3 Vaults and will last until until June 21st, 2022 on Crystl Finance’s birthday.

Spring Into Crystl

Our new campaign at Crystl Finance, #SpringIntoCrystl is all about celebrating the synergy of spring and the many new changes to come throughout the next phase of Crystl’s evolution!

Cronos Revenue Sharing

Going forward, CronaSwap will be the DEX on Cronos that supports our revenue sharing feature. This means that users will require CronaSwap CRYSTL-CRO LP in order to earn CRO in our revenue sharing pool.

Rooftop Partnership

Crystl has partnered with to streamline team development and expansion. In other words, we will be working closely with Rooftop to grow our team and support the ecosystem of Crystl Finance.

BNB Chain Expansion

This month of April we revealed that the next chain which we will target for our expansion is BNB Chain. Get ready to say hello to some of our closest friends on this network!

$CRYSTL Rebranding

Crystl is ambitious to expand ross-chain and bring Maximized Passive Income to users on as many chains as possible. We will be underground a full rebranding to do justice to our upcoming revolutionary V3 Vaults product and stand out as a high quality platform.

Ultra Farm Infographics

If you haven’t heard of Ultra Farms, be sure to check out our documentation page which we have updated with a number of animated infographics that demonstrate some examples for how these work.

New Token Design

With the rebranding on the way, of course we wouldn’t forget about our shiny $CRYSTL token, which will take on a new look after the release of V3!

SushiSwap Proposal

As we proceed with the launch of V3 Vaults, we will be seeking partnerships with some of the best protocols in the space to allow users to achieve passive income THEIR way. One of these protocols is the well-known SushiSwap! If you haven’t seen our proposal for an integration with SushiSwap, be sure to check it out over here.

New Vaults

Although we’re working on V3 Vaults, we haven’t stopped introducing V2 Vaults to the platform. See our new Vaults for V3S Finance, Polydoge DAO, and DarkCrypto, among others!

What’s Next?

In May we will see the release of V3 Vaults and the launch of our new website. With this foundation established, our focus will be on growing our TVL, partnering with as many amazing projects as we can, and bringing all the benefits that we possibly can to our dear $CRYSTL holders. Be sure to keep an eye on our Twitter page for all major announcements! You might also want to tune in to our #CrystlClearRadio podcast on YouTube for status updates, news, as well as progress reports.



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