Intercom Integration into Crystl Finance Announcement 💎🔊

Hey #CrystalCrew! With our rebrand being a way for us to “level-up” the Crystl.Finance brand, we also would like to expand the way that we provide support to our users. This is why we’ve opted to include Intercom in our site’s upgrade.

This is designed to be able to support our users, as our current mechanism for being able to directly support our users is Telegram, which is not designed to be a customer support platform, we decided it’d be better to bring you guys a more professional looking and convenient way to get support!

In order to keep things nice and organized, and ensure that you get help from a real member of the Crystl Finance moderation/support team, please make use of the Intercom feature first before asking your question in Telegram chats (Generally speaking, the moment you ask a question in a telegram chat, 69 million bots have already messaged you trying to scam you, we’re trying to prevent this, and deliver a better user experience)

What is Intercom

Intercom is a convenient chat tool built directly into the Crystl Finance website. It is accessed by clicking the little chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the page. When you first access the site, the Intercom button will greet you and provide links to our educational content, in case one of us isn’t available to support right away, you may be able to find information to rectify your issues on your own.

Why are we making this change?

We noticed a couple of things in our first few months of being a widely available DeFi platform. The first and foremost is the huge gap in the “support” department of most dApps. A large majority of sites still use conventional chat rooms to support their customers. Most still rely on Telegram.

Telegram is a fantastic chat room and social tool, but the truth remains that it is not a support tool. It is fraught with scammers who will try to con our users out of funds, and this just isn’t a good look as the primary way we support our users. Along with this, our Telegram chat is designed for a way for our community to chat with one another about the platform, interact directly with our friendly team members, and generally keep the vibes high.

It can be distracting for users who need help if in between receiving support from a moderator, KingD is posting gifs of Johnny Sins holding a banana. Note — that’s not stopping, look forward to seeing our boy Johnny for the rest of eternity.

Who’s behind the scenes?

Intercom offers an automation feature, but we decided to go for a more personal touch. We’ve selected some of our moderators with the best degree of technical background we could find to be able to bring top level support to the Crystal Crew. At this point in time, our primary support team will consist of community moderators supported by KingD, Gjolund, Light, and Jimmy

Please bear in mind at the end of the day that our mods are users just like you! This will allow them to provide the most authentic and relatable support experience. As these lovely individuals are true power users of our platform, please bear in mind that these kind folks are volunteering their time and expertise to help you!

We really hope that this changeover begins to elevate our brand from a regular conventional yield farm, into a decentralized finance protocol that supports EVERYONE, not just those who live in areas where Telegram and Twitter are primary communication methods.

It’s vital that we’re able to support all of our users, and this is just a step in that direction. We hope that this change helps you guys use our platform a little better, and get the help you need embedded right on the web page.



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