Introducing Governance Proposals #10 and #11

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In celebration of the Community Month this June, Crystl Finance is kicking things off with two brand new Governance Proposals. Ready up your $CRYSTL, its voting time!

Snapshot Time

Voting for proposals will begin on June 07 at 16:00 UTC through the snapshot page. In order to participate in voting, please have your $CRYSTL tokens on Polygon:

Note: $CRYSTL tokens on Cronos will not be eligible.

Governance Proposal #10

  • Boost Revenue Sharing Rewards OR Create $CRYSTL Single Staking:
  • Option A: Boost Revenue Sharing rewards on Polygon and Cronos with an additional allocation of $2,000 each.
  • Option B: Create a $CRYSTL Pool on Polygon and Cronos with an allocation of $2,000 each.

Would you rather see higher Revenue Sharing rewards for the month of June, or are you intrigued by the ability to stake $CRYSTL and earn $CRYSTL? This decision is completely up to the community in the upcoming Proposal #10.

If Option A is passed, Revenue Sharing Pools on Polygon and Cronos will be boosted with $2,000 each. On the other hand, Option B will result in the implementation of a single staking $CRYSTL Pool on Cronos & Polygon with an allocation of $2,000 each. These $CRYSTL Pools will run for a month if voted in.

Governance Proposal #11

  • Implement Community Burning Vaults on Polygon:
  • Option A: Burning Vaults will be launched on Polygon.
  • Option B: Burning Vaults will NOT be launched on Polygon.

As you all know, $CRYSTL has a limited supply of 12,500,000 tokens. Recently, this fact has been emphasized by some of our community members choosing to burn some of their tokens by their own initiative. This inspired us to make a proposal that empowers the entire #CrystlCrew to decide whether $CRYSTL should become a deflationary token.

If Option A is passed, Burning Vaults will be implemented on Polygon, allowing the community to collectively contribute to burning $CRYSTL using a portion of their auto-compounding earnings. If Option B is passed, we will not implement Burning Vaults.

Burning Vaults Mechanism: 50% of all profits earned by Burning Vaults will be used to buy back $CRYSTL from the market and completely burn it out of circulation.



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