Introducing PolyCrystal’s Matic Faucet

Welcome to a brief bit of information on our newly launched Matic Faucet. You can find the faucet on our website at

What’s MATIC?

MATIC is a cryptocurrency very similar to the Ethereum blockchain’s native token, Ether, or ETH for short. MATIC is the grease that keeps the wheels of the Polygon network turning. Its primary function, just like ETH’s, is to pay those validating and confirming the transactions you post on the network!

Unlike ETH, the Polygon network has a higher throughput (can validate more transactions in a shorter amount of time), thus allowing for < $0.01 transaction fees most of the time.

What’s a faucet?

Simply put, a faucet is something you can interact with and a small amount of MATIC will be sent to your address for free! It isn’t much, but it’ll allow you to pay for a decent number of transactions to get you started! The beauty of Polygon is that given its low transaction fees, the funds from this faucet can pay for a number of transactions!

You can find PolyCrystal’s faucet at , or by navigating to the “Trade” menu on the task bar and selecting “Faucet”

For free?! Why?

We believe first and foremost in making our platform as easily accessible as possible to everyone. This provides a fast track to being able to interact with the PolyCrystal Finance platform, and because transactions are so cheap, providing this service helps our community expand to new people, and provides a layer of convenience to new and recurring investors!

I have my MATIC, what now?

Get to work baby! You can now use this MATIC to fuel a transaction to buy some $CRYSTL if you wish as well as interact with our staking pools and yield farms!

We also have a pool for you to stake $CRYSTL to earn WMATIC (wrapped matic cannot be used for transaction fees) which can be easily “unwrapped” on any exchange for more pure, sweet MATIC to pay for even more transaction fees! (More to come on wrapped and unwrapped tokens!)

Happy Farming!

The future is $CRYSTL clear 🔮📈 Polygon decentralized yield farm 🧑‍🌾