PolyCrystal Day 2 Recap and Updates💎🚀

The excitement from yesterday’s launch has spilled in to today, and it’s been an extremely great day to stay the least!

Major Milestones

Today we saw PolyCrystal reach even greater milestones with the biggest being:

  • Over $30M TVL!!!
  • The team had a 15k Crystal Crush where over $108,000 in $CRYSTL was crushed (burned)!

New Farms and Pool

Perhaps even more exciting than the previous achievements are the new addition of 5 staking pools and 1 farm for you RockHounds to earn even more rewards 😁:


  • Here you can stake $MATIC and $FISH, the native token of polycat.finance, and earn $CRYSTL💎


  • With this pool you can stake your shiny $CRYSTL to earn $USDC stable coin 😊

As part of the Vitalik Crystal Frenzy, PolyCrystal has added 4 major Ether LP-s for you to farm $CRYSTL with! 😍

  • $ETH-$LINK
  • $ETH-$CRV
  • $ETH-$USDT
  • $ETH-$AAVE

#HotDeFiSummer Solstice

If the past few announcements didn’t get you excited enough, then this next one will knock your socks off!🧦

To celebrate the amazing #HotDeFiSummer that ApeSwap created, we will be launching a new staking pool every day for the next 7 days 😮😍

We will release a full article about the #HotDeFiSummer Solstice later today 😊

Stay posted on the team’s social medias for the latest updates:

PolyCrystal.finance — https://twitter.com/PolyCrystal_

King of Crystals — https://twitter.com/KingCrystals

JimmyTheHypnotist — https://twitter.com/HypnotistJimmy



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