Crystal Clear Educational Series 8: PolyCrystal Guide to Trust Wallet

As you probably know from our Guide to Setting Up MetaMask, a wallet is a fundamental tool required for you in order to interact with decentralized applications (dApps) as well as store your cryptocurrency tokens. If you are not a fan of MetaMask 🙄, then Trust Wallet is another trustworthy wallet option for you to consider 😁. Follow along in this guide which will lead you through the process of setting up a Trust Wallet so that you can connect to PolyCrystal.Finance or another dApp! We’ll also show you how you can get some of your very own $MATIC tokens on Polygon for free using our faucet 🤑.

Setting Up a Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet application available on iOS and Android. The main benefit of Trust Wallet is that it is very simple to use to connect to multiple networks such as BSC, ETH, Polygon, and others 😮! For this tutorial we will install Trust Wallet on our Android device 📱. To install Trust Wallet, simply navigate to their official website, 🤩.

As mentioned earlier, we’ll proceed with our tutorial on Android. Once you’ve navigated to the appropriate installation source, go ahead and “Install” the Trust Wallet application on your mobile device 👌.

Once the installation is complete, open up the Trust Wallet application. The very first thing you will see is the following view. Proceed by clicking the “CREATE A NEW WALLET” button. If you already had a wallet, then you could use the other option “I already have a wallet”.

Review the terms of service, tick the agreement checkbox, then press “CONTINUE”.

⚠️Warning: The next step is very important! You will be given a set of secret words which will represent your very own private key to your wallet. Do not ever share these words with anyone, the only time you will need your private key is if you are trying to recover your wallet. Remember, whoever controls the key controls the wallet and the funds in that wallet! If you lose these words, you will essentially lose access to all funds stored in the wallet and it will be unrecoverable due to the secure nature of the blockchain. It is recommended to write these words down and store them away from prying eyes. Saving the secret words on your computer or mobile device is not advisable, because if it becomes compromised then your funds will be at risk. Tick the checkbox to confirm you understand this responsibility, then press “CONTINUE”!

For the following steps, as a protective measure, Trust Wallet did not allow us to take a screenshot on our device. On the next screen, you will be shown 12 secret words. Write them down (the order matters) and store them for safekeeping. Simply follow the instructions given by Trust Wallet which will require you to enter these words in the same order. Once you confirm, you’re done 😀!

Congratulations! You now have a fully functioning cryptocurrency wallet. In the next couple of sections we’ll show you the bare minimum steps to get you ready for using Polygon and PolyCrystal.Finance!

How to See $MATIC and $CRYSTL💎 Tokens In Your Trust Wallet

On Polygon, $MATIC is the token that you will need to pay for transactions. And of course, $CRYSTL💎 is our native token which you can use to expose your DeFi investment portfolio to a variety of passive income avenues from projects in the Polygon ecosystem 🤑. You’ll want these tokens added to your wallet so that you can conveniently observe your balance in Trust Wallet at any time. Locate the following icon in your device to proceed.

This will bring you to the menu where you can search for various tokens. $MATIC is well known and recognized, so it is easy to find it in this list by searching for “MATIC”. In this case, we are interested in the $MATIC token on the Polygon network. Lets enable this token so it always shows up in our wallet 👍!

Next, we will also want to add $CRYSTL💎. However, this token is still growing in recognition 😝, so we have to add it as a custom token using the “Add Custom Token” option.

On the following menu we have to enter some information so that Trust Wallet can recognize $CRYSTL💎. Currently our token is only available on the Polygon network, so lets make sure we select that.

The easiest way to find Polygon is to search for it. Then tap the entry once it appears.

Next we’ll need to fill out the following information.

Contract Address: 0x76bf0c28e604cc3fe9967c83b3c3f31c213cfe64


Symbol: CRYSTL

Decimals: 18

If you’re wondering where we found this information, it’s all on Polygonscan!

Once everything is in order, simply tap “DONE”.

Would you look at that! Our favorite tokens now appear in our wallet. Well done 🥳!

How to Connect to PolyCrystal.Finance and Get Some Free $MATIC

With our wallet set up to see both $MATIC and $CRYSTL💎, we are now ready to connect to the PolyCrystal decentralized application where we can receive some free $MATIC from the PolyCrystal faucet! Go ahead and tap on the “DApps” menu.

Simply search for the “” website, and this will open up our dApp within the Trust Wallet application.

Wow, it looks so awesome! But over here we see the Ethereum icon which means currently Trust Wallet is thinking this is an Ethereum application — wrong! PolyCrystal is native to Polygon, so lets change this.

As you can see, Trust Wallet is very powerful because it allows us to easily connect to a lot of different networks. Lets select “Polygon”.

Trust Wallet may automatically ask you to connect to PolyCrystal.Finance. Review and press “CONNECT”.

Observe your public wallet address which should now appear on PolyCrystal, if you can see this that means you are successfully connected to our dApp!

If you are not yet connected, simply press the “Connect” button.

Next, let’s get ourselves some free $MATIC from PolyCrystal! Use the navigation menu to navigate to “Trade”, then “Faucet”.

Since we’re already connected, go ahead and press “Use our MATIC Faucet”.

After a brief moment, the PolyCrystal dApp will send a small amount of $MATIC to your address on the Polygon network, neat 😃!

If we navigate back to the Trust Wallet main menu you can confirm that you in fact did receive these tokens.

If you want to learn more about faucets, check out the documentation on our Crystal Clear Education series 🤓📕.

What’s Next?

Now that you have successfully set up Trust Wallet and interacted with our PolyCrystal dApp, you are ready to begin your DeFi journey. Of course, the small amount of $MATIC given by the faucet is only enough for a few transactions. If you want to seriously start investing in DeFi, you will want to purchase some cryptocurrency for fiat on an exchange such as or and send it over to your address on the Polygon network. Do keep in mind that not all tokens are supported for transfer to the $MATIC network, and the exchange itself has to support transfer to the $MATIC network.

We recently wrote a guide on how to transfer some $MATIC from to Polygon, you might want to check that out! Although we used MetaMask as an example for that guide, the process is very similar for Trust Wallet. You can always find your Trust Wallet Polygon address by pressing the “Receive” button on the token view.

Always remember to keep in mind the network that you are sending your $MATIC tokens to (in this case, the Polygon network). So be sure not to confuse this with any other network such as BSC, or ETH.

If you already have funds on another network such as BSC, then of course another alternative is to use a bridge to transfer your funds. Please refer to our Guide to Bridging from BSC to Polygon if you want to learn more.

This article was written by Light. Feel free to reach out to him if you’ve got a question or even if you just want to chat!

Telegram: @portia0101

Twitter: @0xCryptoLight

Discord: CryptoLight#7409




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Discover unprecedented flexibility for maximized passive income with Vaults, Ultra Farms & Revenue Sharing that is only possible on Crystl Finance💎

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