PolyCrystal July 2021 Recap 📆

Hey hey $CRYSTL💎 lovers, looks like we’re finally here at the end of July 🤩! With August just around the corner, it’s high time to look back on this month and put everything in perspective 😁!

Platform Development & Improvements

Aesthetic Changes



PolyCrystal Faucet

PolyCrystal DEX Router & Liquidity Tool

The Exchange option is our own native DEX Router which everyone can use to directly swap tokens through the liquidity that is held on ApeSwap.

Likewise, users can conveniently create or add liquidity for any token pair held on ApeSwap directly on the PolyCrystal platform. Tight 😎!

Deflationary Roadmap

  • Introduction of a soft cap of 10M for the $CRYSTL💎 token
  • Emission reduction to 2 per block and further decreasing emission as per the soft cap implementation
  • Reduction of multipliers for non-essential farms
  • Increased multipliers for native farms to incentivize $CRYSTL💎 holders & liquidity providers
  • Introduction of auto-compounding vaults (currently in development)
  • Continuous introduction of new partnerships that are in the best interest of $CRYSTL💎 holders

You can read all about the details in the following articles:

Partnership Expansions

  • ApeSwap — As you all know, these guys are our first major partners. It’s hard to imagine a world without Crystals💎 x Bananas 🍌! Together with their support and AMM, we envision ourselves right at the center of success on Polygon!
  • AnySwap — A decentralized, cross-chain token swap protocol. We are grateful to have AnySwap join us in cooperation for the PolyCrystal Portal Program, an initiative to help projects transition cross-chain from BSC to Polygon!
  • BSC Times & Polygon Times — An awesome news outlet for everything crypto on BSC and Polygon. We are super pumped to be covered by them! Check out the article they wrote about us.
  • Polycat Finance — One of the most successful yield aggregators who have built a name for themselves on Polygon. Their $FISH token has been integrated for farming directly on our platform on both Pools and Mines.
  • PolyDoge — A digital currency and platform with one of the most vibrant communities on Polygon. Stake POLYDOGE-MATIC and earn yourself some $CRYSTL on the Mines.
  • DappRadar — A site that provides information and insights about dApps at the tap of your finger! We are officially listed on DappRadar and additionally we had requested them to provide a sponsored article to spread the word about PolyCrystal!

A huge shoutout to everyone else becoming a part of our journey and joining the PolyCrystal family! We are thrilled to see where we can take PolyCrystal and the Polygon ecosystem with the help of so many incredible partnerships!

New Moon Cycle


The cycle is not yet over and we will continue adding new pools into the month of August ☀️!

Other Initiatives

PolyCrystal AMAs

Growing The PolyCrystal Team

Crystal Crew Charity Drive

PolyCrystal Portal Program

PolyCrystal Listings & Wallet Integrations

Educational Series

  1. Introduction to DeFi
  2. Setting Up a MetaMask Wallet
  3. Setting Up a Custom RPC
  4. Bridging from BSC to Polygon
  5. Risk Management & Appetite
  6. The Ultimate Guide to PolyCrystal

This is only the beginning, we will continue working hard on this front to bring our community the best educational content in an organized fashion.

The future is $CRYSTL clear 🔮📈 Polygon decentralized yield farm 🧑‍🌾