PolyCrystal Rebranding Announcement 💎💗

Greetings #CrystalCrew! Today we have some important news for you regarding our platform!

To better align with where PolyCrystal will head next, we would like to officially announce the following:

Shocked? Excited? Keep on reading below to find out more details as well as explanations for our reasoning of these upcoming changes!

The Road So Far

Although it seems like a short time, we have come a long way since PolyCrystal went live on June 21, 2021! From the very beginning our ambition for $CRYSTL has been for it to become a token that opens the doors for users entering the Polygon space by allowing everyone to diversify their DeFi portfolio through passive income avenues from a variety of tokens. Today, we can proudly say that this ambition is headed in the right direction! The partnerships we have made on Polygon continue to grow our Pools, Mines, and Hidden Gems for users to earn $CRYSTL and other tokens with #HighVibeAPR.

As you all know, we have expanded on the utility of the PolyCrystal platform with our newest flagship product: auto-compounding Vaults! Adding yet another avenue to help users earn tokens at high interest rates while benefiting the platform as a whole through automatic buybacks & burning of $CRYSTL.

With how well things are going on Polygon, we are now looking to take our ambitions to the next level and rebranding to Crystl.Finance for a $CRYSTL Clear Future!

The Next Evolution of PolyCrystal

You might be wondering about the reasoning of why we are rebranding PolyCrystal. Well, if you’ve seen our roadmap you may have already caught a hint of our cross-chain ambitions from our Crystal Portal program and plans to integrate our very own cross-chain bridge service.

With how well things have been going on Polygon we have been inspired to set up our platform to better align with the possibility of us expanding into other networks. In other words, we don’t want to be tied to Polygon. We are dreaming BIGGER! Rebranding to Crystl.Finance is one of the steps we are making in order to open ourselves up to the avenues of taking our favorite platform cross-chain.

We strongly believe that going cross-chain will work to bring more benefits to $CRYSTL holders as well as our platform. While we cannot reveal too many details at this time as things are still under rigorous internal discussion — we still want to keep you updated. So, for now let’s just say that the next evolution of the Crystl.Finance platform will certainly have to do with our Cross-chain bridge, Vaults, as well as our Crystal Portal initiative aimed at partnering with projects for the purpose of cross-chain expansion between Polygon and other networks like BSC!

More Information, Please!

If you are hungry for even a scrap of additional information, be sure to check out our video on our new YouTube Channel!



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