PolyCrystal Tokenomics | The Next Phase 💎

Our next steps to battle deflation and improve the tokenomics of PolyCrystal 🙂

Our Deflationary Approach & Where We Are Headed

The PolyCrystal team is very aware of inflation and the impacts it has on our project. So far we have taken proactive measures to decrease the emission rate of $CRYSTL and restructure our farm multipliers to better reward $CRYSTL stakers & holders 💗

We want to further help reduce inflation in the long term, we are planning to take two major steps:

  1. Lower multipliers on non-essential Yield Farms and Gem Pools
  2. Set a “Soft Cap” for the $CRYSTL token supply

1) Non-Essential Farm Reductions 🚜

Farms are a key aspect of PolyCrystal, and the major farms that are paired with $CRYSTL, $BANANA, and $MATIC are the most essential to PolyCrystal’s longevity. However, there are many farms that put sell pressure on $CRYSTL as they are made of “unfavorable” liquidity. This is the same for our Gems. The reason is that most of the $CRYSTL rewards from these farms are almost immediately liquidated. We will add additional Gems in the future with more favorable tokens.

In order to help combat this, over the next 2 weeks we will incrementally lower the non-essential farms and Gem Pools in order to increase the favorable liquidity on PolyCrystal. Each farm listed below will be lowered to a 0.1x multiplier and the deposit button for that farm will be disabled.

This move benefits stakers in the essential farms as a larger share of $CRYSTL rewards will be distributed to them 😀We will space out the farm reductions, as we want to be conscious of the fact that it may take time for users to make deposit fees back. Please see the below for the farm reduction schedule:


  • $ETH/$USDC
  • $SNX/$USDC


  • $SNX/$USDT
  • $CRV/$ETH
  • $wMATIC Gem Pool


  • $USDT/$DAI
  • $USDC/$DAI
  • $AAVE/$ETH
  • $LINK/$ETH
  • $SNX/$ETH
  • $WBTC/$ETH
  • $ETH Gem Pool
  • $USDT Gem Pool

2) Soft Cap for $CRYSTL Supply 🍦

Decreasing the rate at which $CRYSTL is minted has been the biggest initiative we’ve taken to decreasing overall inflation. We have discussed numerous methods to find the best emission schedule for $CRYSTL and we have decided to add a dynamic soft cap of 10 Million total supply of $CRYSTL.

Soft Cap vs. Hard Cap

A hard cap refers to a final maximum supply number for a token that once reached, the token is no longer minted. Bitcoin is the largest example of this; once 21 Million Bitcoin have been minted, there will never be anymore added to circulation.

A soft cap is similar in that there is a maximum circulating supply number, 10 Million for $CRYSTL, but instead of no additional tokens being minted when this number is reached, the emission rate of $CRYSTL is made nearly negligible, so the number of minted tokens progressively decreases as it approaches the maximum supply. It’s important to note that the circulating supply can go higher than the “Soft Cap,” but we are confident that with the addition of new burning mechanics, this will rarely (if ever) be the case.

Please see the below list for how the emission rate of $CRYSTL will change as the total circulating supply increases or decreases.

  • 2 tokens per block if circulating supply < 5M
  • 1.5 tokens per block if circulating supply between 5M and 7M
  • 1 token per block if circulating supply between 7M and 8.5M
  • 0.5 tokens per block if circulating supply between 8.5M and 9.5M
  • 0.25 tokens per block if circulating supply between 9.5M and 10M
  • 0.1 tokens per block if circulating supply > 10M

As this refers to the circulating supply, we will add Vaults with auto burn mechanics in order to keep the supply in the lower ranges and increase emissions. These ranges are spaced out enough that it would take weeks or even months to move into a lower emission range, so the change won’t be exponential or create any volatility in the emissions rates.

We will implement many more deflationary plans in the future in order to ensure PolyCrystal is on the best path possible for longevity and success 💎💗

The future is $CRYSTL clear 🔮📈 Polygon decentralized yield farm 🧑‍🌾