PolyCrystal Weekly Recap: Aug 25-Sept 1 💎

With yet another week behind us, the #CrystalCrew is now in the second week since the launch of PolyCrystal Vaults! Does that mean we stop moving forward? No sir, no way! This week was packed with a ton of great stuff! If you missed any of it, be sure to continue reading to get caught up with all the important things going on your favorite platform — PolyCrystal.Finance.

Breaking News

PolyCrystal Breaks 15k+ Twitter Followers

This week our Twitter follower count went over 15,000! We are incredibly grateful for your continued support and engagement. To give back and continue to grow we’ll continue to run more awesome giveaways and competitions in the future. Everyone is welcome to participate, just follow us on twitter @PolyCrystal_ and keep an eye on our tweets! Stay rockin’ #CrystalCrew!

PolyCrystal Stars on YouTube

If you haven’t heard, we’ve got an ambition to educate users about DeFi and PolyCrystal. This week we’re starting our own YouTube channel with two new videos:

We have lots of good stuff on the way, so feel free to subscribe to our channel! Spreading education is one sure way we can grow our community, go go #CrystalCrew!

PolyCrystal To Participate In PolyCon

Come join us on #PolyCon2021 tickets are available now! We’ll have our own booth where you can talk to us as well as other participating projects. It’s gonna be an awesome time so come check it out.

PolyCrystal Hungry For AMAs

This week did not have a shortage of AMAs, let’s just put it that way. We love talking with other platforms and projects and always want you to have an opportunity to get answers to questions that you have on your mind!

  • PolyCrystal x Koala Defi AMA
  • PolyCrystal x ApeSwap AMA
  • PolyCrystal x Matic News AMA

Cracking Out New Vaults

This week we are on a Vaulting spree, with 4 new Vaults added to PolyCrystal!

  • Partnership Vaults

1. $SING-$MATIC (Singular)

2. $SX-$wETH (SX Network)

  • Bluechip Vaults

4. $wETH-$wBTC

Our new friends at Singular and SX Network and have joined the #GoodVibeTribe and got their very own $SING-$MATIC and $SX-$ETH Vaults with positive buy-pressure for their tokens! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to do the same.

This week also brought us some of those chubby Bluechip Vaults! These Vaults auto compound through Dinoswap or Jetswap farms for steady earnings on stablecoins as well as pairs of Bluechip tokens like ETH and BTC. Some people like taking it slow & easy, and that’s okay.

Of course, this is just the beginning! More partnerships, and more Vaults are on the way to establish PolyCrystal as the go-to Vaulting platform. Of course — with even more buybacks & burning of $CRYSTL to benefit the price and platform as a whole!

Swimming In Pools & Gems

Our dream for $CRYSTL is to be THE token to open doors into DeFi and diversify your portfolio across a variety of projects! This week we have taken multiple steps to make this dream a reality! By introducing new partnership pools, gems, as well as doing pool refills!

  • New Partnership Pools
  • Stake $CRYSTL→Earn $NALIS (KoalaDefi)
  • Stake $CRYSTL→Earn $KOM (Kommunitas.net)
  • Pool Refills
  • Stake $CRYSTL→Earn $DAI
  • Stake $CRYSTL→Earn $MATIC
  • Stake $CRYSTL→Earn $BANANA
  • Stake $CRYSTL→Earn $USDC
  • Stake $CRYSTL→Earn $BTC
  • Stake $CRYSTL→Earn $MANA
  • Hidden Gems
  • Stake $CRYSTL→Earn $QUOKK (Polyquokka.Finance)
  • Stake $CRYSTL→Earn $KAVIAN (Kavian.Finance)

More Mines!

With new partnerships we now have some additional options for you to stake LP tokens to farm $CRYSTL with a high interest rate!

  • Stake $SX-$MATIC→Earn $CRYSTL
  • Stake $KOM-$MATIC→Earn $CRYSTL
  • Stake $SX-$MATIC→Earn $CRYSTL

If you don’t know how to make LP tokens, check out our latest video!

A Week As Clear As $CRYSTL

Seeing the progress we make together with our community is incredible. Sometimes it’s good to step back and see just how much we have accomplished. This week was a winner for sure! Next week we will continue to stay on top of things and work hard to make the $CRYSTL Clear Future a reality! As usual, stay tuned for only the best things at PolyCrystal.Finance 😉.




Discover unprecedented flexibility for maximized passive income with Vaults, Ultra Farms & Revenue Sharing that is only possible on Crystl Finance💎

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Crystl Finance

Discover unprecedented flexibility for maximized passive income with Vaults, Ultra Farms & Revenue Sharing that is only possible on Crystl Finance💎

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