PolyCrystal Welcomes CosmicSwap.Finance! 💎🌌

More Partnerships? More Farms 🤤👨‍🌾!

PolyCrystal is excited 🤩 to announce a partnership with CosmicSwap.Finance! CosmicSwap is a yield farm and aggregator that originally launched on BSC, but has since migrated over to Polygon. We will be launching a pool on the PolyCrystal platform for investors to stake their $CRYSTL💎 to earn $COSMIC🌌, the native token of CosmicSwap 😮!

What is COSMIC?

CosmicSwap’s native farm token $COSMIC🌌 is given as a reward for contributing liquidity to a variety of pools which can be found on their website at https://polygon.cosmicswap.finance with native LP pairings with both $USDC and $MATIC at some tasty APRs 🤑 allowing for some juicy compounding sequences!

Here’s a brief summary on the tokenomics, if you like to just get the brief details;

Tokenomics (note statistics are at time of writing on July 13, 2021)

Token Name : $COSMIC🌌

Max Supply: 205,000 $COSMIC🌌

Emissions structure: Currently emitting 0.01 $COSMIC🌌/block (288/day)

Market Cap : approx $163,000 at time of writing

Circulating Supply (13.07.21) : approx 140,000 $COSMIC🌌

The COSMIC Future

CosmicSwap has a long term roadmap with sustainability in mind (feel free to review their full roadmap in detail at https://docs.cosmicswap.finance). They are forward thinking, security minded (burning of start-up liquidity and other security measures are all highlighted in the documentation) and already have a low fee bridge for moving $COSMIC🌌 between BSC and Polygon.

Aside from all of that hardcore financial utility, the team at Cosmic Swap also wants to have some unique and fun usecase for their platform. Included in the teams roadmap is some gaming content 🎮 and lottery, NFTs, Initial farm offerings for new projects 🚀, and they aim to reduce fees as the project grows. Really great to see a project that is future focused with its core investors in mind 😁👍!

COSMIC, A Cross-Chain Asset

The most exciting part about the partnership we have with CosmicSwap, is that the $COSMIC🌌 token is a bridgeable asset, like $BANANA, and $BNB, meaning that PolyCrystal holders can stake their $CRYSTL💎 for rewards that allow them to seamlessly transfer equity in rewards between BSC and Polygon. This allows our holders exposure to projects on BSC using your assets stored on Polygon with no risk to your principal investment… That’s big!

This ease of use is huge for our growth 🧐, as we love the idea of our holders being able to move their rewards around with ease and earn the most out of holding their $CRYSTL💎!

We’re excited to have yet another awesome, forward thinking partnership with another forward thinking member of the ever growing Polygon ecosystem, and look forward to seeing where the road takes them 🚀!



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