PolyCrystal Welcomes in Astrofarms.Finance 💎🌟

Hey #CrystalCrew! We’re super excited to announce our new pool from our friends over at Astrofarms!

Astrofarms Overview

Astrofarms is a long term, layered approach to yield farming that has a strong vision, a focus on security, and a very unique take on the layered farming approach.

Starting very soon, $CRYSTL holders will be able to stake their $CRYSTL to earn $NEPTUNE, the latest of 3 tokens so far from Astrofarms. See their docs for more details on other tokens, and planned future tokens!

Here’s the details on the token;


Initial Supply: 2500 (locked in LP)

Emissions: 0.05 $NEPTUNE per block.

$NEPTUNE is the latest token from Astrofarms, stealth launched (like all of their tokens thus far to ensure fairness) on July 20th, 2021.

The token will primarily be used in yield farming on the platforms next Mission, starting at block #17345678

$NEPTUNE is the next segment of the epic star system that Astrofarms is putting together, following their original yield farming token $CANCER. $CANCER had emissions halved to 0.025 $CANCER per block, and can be farmed alongside $NEPTUNE until it reaches its max supply of 100,000 $CANCER.

The documentation also alludes to a so called “zodiac reading” functionality as a use-case for all tokens, which could be an interesting new product to explore in its own right, one can only imagine what that could be!

The development team has also announced that the share token, $LEO, will now be used as a governance token, and can be used to receive alerts about new stealth launches of tokens only slightly before they happen.

This is designed to reward the early adopters of the project in a meaningful way by providing them with exclusive access to new tokens that launch on the platform!

The friendly team behind Astrofarms has a robust and long term roadmap for this project, and investor security front of mind with locked liquidity and a rugdoc review. On the topic of honesty and security, there were also no team tokens distributed, as to ensure that the team does not have the ability to dump their tokens on the market and abandon the project through greed, which unfortunately we see more often than many of us would like.

We’re happy that we can offer our loyal $CRYSTL holders another awesome pool to gain exposure to Astrofarms’ platform, so that we can share the solar system alongside them!

Website: https://neptune.astrofarms.finance/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AstrologyFarms




Discover unprecedented flexibility for maximized passive income with Vaults, Ultra Farms & Revenue Sharing that is only possible on Crystl Finance💎

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Discover unprecedented flexibility for maximized passive income with Vaults, Ultra Farms & Revenue Sharing that is only possible on Crystl Finance💎

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