PolyCrystal x PearZap

Hey Crystal Crew! We’re super excited to announce our partnership with PearZap! These guys are awesome; PearZap is a premium, security and sustainability-focused yield farm operating on Polygon. Just like us, they also have cross chain dreams, and a focus on delivering a sustainable, long lasting yield generation tool to their investors! You can find their docs here.

Starting very soon, we’ll have a pool available for the Crystal Crew to stake $CRYSTL and earn $PEAR! Here’s a few details on the $PEAR token;

$PEAR Token


60,000,000 $PEAR max supply

Subject to change, 4 $PEAR per block, plans to decrease emissions in roadmap, 9% of total emissions are minted to developer wallet for project funding purposes.

PearZap Features

PearZap shares a lot of features with PolyCrystal, that the Crystal Crew already knows and loves.

They offer the standard yield farm repertoire of pools, farms and pools to stake tokens and earn $PEAR. Like PolyCrystal’s pools, PearZap also offers a fee distribution mechanism in the form of their Gardens!

These Gardens are pools that have deposit fees that are burnt to help reduce supply of $PEAR and produce rewards in the form of partner tokens, like $SPADE, and soon $CRYSTL as well as some interesting pools where you can earn 2 tokens, like the USDT-LINK Garden!

Pretty innovative stuff! This means you can take your $PEAR rewards from the pool on PolyCrystal, and use them to earn other tokens at juicy APRs!

These rewards pools are funded through the deposit fees on farms, meaning that it’s entirely sustainable, and a way of the PearZap team sharing the wealth!

Fees and Burns

For a full breakdown of fees and how they contribute to burns, please visit the PearZap GitBook located here. To give a concise overview, there is a 2% transfer tax (remember to set slippage to at least 2%!), as well as up to 5% deposit fees on farms (most are around the 2–3% range though). The other fees that the Crystal Crew may be interested in knowing about is the 2% burn on any entrance and exit into a Garden! The lovely thing about the PearZap platform is that these fees go to benefiting the platform, not just padding developer pockets!

The future looks bright for PearZap! We look forward to working with them more in the future, rumour has it, their roadmap includes some even more interesting burn mechanisms, like games! For more details on how bright these guys’ plans for the future are, view their roadmap here!

Enjoy those high vibe $PEAR APRs, Crystal Crew!

The future is $CRYSTL clear 🔮📈 Polygon decentralized yield farm 🧑‍🌾