PolyCrystal Yield Cycle: Maximize Your $CRYSTL Earning Potential 💎💲

Strategy for making the most of your $CRYSTL yield farming.🚜

$CRYSTL Farming 💎

However, a lot of users aren’t using their $CRYSTL to it’s maximum potential. $CRYSTL isn’t a speculative asset such as Bitcoin or Litecoin; it is instead a yield generating asset. By using the method described below, you can greatly increase your $CRYSTL earnings by cycling your yield farm earnings. This is just one strategy of many available and not financial advice, but it is helpful for many new DeFi users. 😁

Yield Farm Cycle 🔃

Step by Step

  1. You will first need to create an ApeSwap LP through app.apeswap.finance and stake the LP in a PolyCrystal Mine (full walkthrough: https://kingofcrystals1111.gitbook.io/polycrystal-finance/product-information/farms/farm-walkthrough).
  2. Next, you harvest the $CRYSTL from your mine and add it to the $CRYSTL manual pool (full walkthrough: https://kingofcrystals1111.gitbook.io/polycrystal-finance/product-information/pools/usdcrystl-pool-walkthrough)
  3. The earnings from the $CRYSTL pool are then put into the $ETH $CRYSTL staking pool for your $CRYSTL to earn $ETH (Note: this can be done with any $CRYSTL staking pool, but $ETH was used for this example).
  4. Take the $ETH yields from this pool and stake them in the $ETH Gem Pool for your $ETH to earn $CRYSTL.
  5. You then take the earned $CRYSTL and stake it back in the $CRYSTL manual pool to earn even more $CRYSTL
  6. Repeat the process to drastically increase your $CRYSTL rewards over time

Why Use this Strategy?

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