PolyYeld Joins the Crystal Crew💎

Day 1 of the New Moon Cycle brings a new $CRYSTL staking pool 💧

We’re excited to announce our partnership with our friends over at PolyYeld Finance! They have opened up a pool on PolyYeld.Finance where you can stake $YELD and earn $CRYSTL, and we’ll be launching a $CRYSTL staking pool for you to stake $CRYSTL and earn $YELD!

PolyYeld Overview 💜

PolyYeld is an awesome project. They’re so awesome in fact that we’ve decided to put a brief article together for our users so that you can make best use of their platform!

Similarly to PolyCrystal, PolyYeld aims to be a long-term passive income generation tool, rewarding long term holders of $YELD by providing them with a variety of financial services from yield farms, single asset staking pools, and auto-compounding vaults!

We’ll take some time to go through each of their products in a little more detail, but if you like short and sweet, here’s what you need to know!

Summary 📚


  • Max Supply: 62,100
  • Emissions (as of 29/06/2021): 0.01/block
  • 2% lifetime referral bonus



  • 0.1% un-staking fee if withdrawn before 72 hours have passed.
  • If adding new $YELD to the pool, 72 hour timer will be reset.
  • If un-staking $YELD after the 72 hour has passed, no fee will be deducted.
  • Any accumulated unstaking fee goes to the dev wallet and will be burnt daily.

There is a 2% performance fee in the AutoYeld native vault

  • 0.5% fee goes to the bounty collector
  • 1.5% fee goes to dev wallet which will be burned


  • No deposit and withdrawal fees
  • Auto Compound Feature (every 2 minutes)
  • 4% performance fees (sent to vault address and BURNT)


  • Varying deposit fees (3–4% at time of writing)

PolyYeld Features 🎉

Now that you’re acquainted with fees and the basics, we’ll talk a little more about these products and services, and how they bring value.

AutoYeld is a relatively simple auto-compounding staking pool. Your funds are compounded automatically to gain maximum returns, sweet and simple!

PolyYeld also features a variety of staking pools for you to manually compound your $YELD, or for you to stake non-native tokens and earn $YELD as well!

The most exciting feature overall though is definitely YeldEarn. YeldEarn works very similarly to the pools found on PolyCrystal, you simply stake $YELD and earn new tokens like $MATIC, $ETH, $FISH, and $CRYSTL!

This is a fantastic feature for the longevity of this platform, as it allows stakers to earn non-native tokens and gain exposure to other projects without having to sell of their $YELD, reduces sell pressure on $YELD, and provides the community with a diverse array of assets to make use of the up and coming ecosystem that is Polygon.

Another added benefit for $CRYSTL holders is that you can take your $YELD earnings from our freshly opened $YELD pool and stake them directly on PolyYeld’s platform to earn more $CRYSTL to stake for more $YELD!

This is just one of our many exciting partners, we’re so glad that PolyYeld has agreed to team up with us in such a symbiotic way. We can’t wait to bring $CRYSTL holders exposure to many other incredible projects that exist on Polygon!

The future is $CRYSTL clear 🔮📈 Polygon decentralized yield farm 🧑‍🌾