StellaSwap x Crystl Finance: Dual Reward Ultra Farms & More!

Today (July 14, 2022) we proudly announce the official partnership between Crystl Finance and StellaSwap! StellaSwap is the leading DEX (decentralized exchange) bringing a suite of DeFi tools; token swaps, yield farming, and much more to the Moonbeam network.

Crystl Finance aims to deliver an array of innovative automation products & strategies for StellaSwap farms so that users may earn Maximized Passive Income completely hands free. Our goal is to empower the StellaSwap ecosystem with holistic strategies that help to build liquidity and stabilize prices for $STELLA and other Moonbeam tokens.

Dual Reward Ultra Farms

StellaSwap users on Moonbeam will now have access to a completely revolutionary and never-before-seen automation product in the form of Dual Reward Ultra Farms. The following strategies are now live and fully operational on Crystl Finance:

  • Stake $xcDOT+$wGLMR
    Earn $wGLMR+$STELLA (Auto-Compounding)
  • Stake $wGLMR+$USDC
    Earn $wGLMR+$STELLA (Auto-Compounding)


Dual Reward Ultra Farms are the most efficient & convenient way to maximize your earnings in $wGLMR+$STELLA!

The service automatically converts your yield earnings into $wGLMR+$STELLA LP, this LP is then staked on StellaSwap’s farm for additional yield — and this secondary yield is then again perpetually reinvested into more LP.

If that sounds complicated, don’t worry! All you have to understand is that by using Dual Reward Ultra Farms on Crystl Finance you will get the maximum possible rate of return in $wGLMR+$STELLA from StellaSwap farms without ever lifting a finger or spending on gas fees you’d normally pay to perform the process manually.

V3 Vaults (Traditional Yield Aggregation)

In addition to the innovative Dual Reward Ultra Farms mentioned above, Crystl Finance also offers the following Auto-Compounding Vaults for StellaSwap LPs:

  • Stake & Earn: $wGLMR+$WELL
  • Stake & Earn: $wGLMR+$STELLA
  • Stake & Earn: $wGLMR+$USDC
  • Stake & Earn: $xcDOT+$wGLMR
  • Stake & Earn: $wGLMR+$wETH
  • Stake & Earn: $wGLMR+$wBTC

About Crystl Finance

Crystl Finance is an innovative yield automation platform offering secure, transparent, & decentralized solutions for maximized passive income. Our protocols are audited by HashEx and are available on a variety of blockchains including: BNB, Polygon, Cronos, and Moonbeam.

Revenue Sharing is another key feature of Crystl Finance through which our system redistributes a portion of the collected service fees back to $CRYSTL holders in the native ecosystem. For a deeper introduction to the Revenue Sharing system, see the following resources:
Grow With Crystl Finance | Revenue Sharing

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord



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