SX Network Joins the PolyCrystal #GoodVibeTribe ☮💎

Hey Crystal Crew! We’ve got someone new joining the #GoodVibeTribe we’d love to introduce to you; SX Network! Starting very soon, $CRYSTL holders will be able to stake $CRYSTL and earn $SX! This is the beginning of what feels to be a long and mutually beneficial partnership that will see the addition of a SX-ETH Vault, and the $CRYSTL pool we mentioned!

$SX Token

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 $SX
Max circulating supply: 450,000,000 $SX

Community Treasury : $35,000,000

$SX is the native governance and gas token for SX network, this is huge, because of some unique features that $SX is bringing to the blockchain space, and we’re going to give you a sort of basic overview of what those features are, and why we’re so pumped to be beginning our cross-chain discussion with the guys at SX.

What is SX Network?

SX is a new sidechain that is constructed on Polygon (this means that it works alongside Polygon network, and value in SX is value in Polygon, and is actually directly endorsed by the Polygon development team) with the unique additions of a built-in predictions platform called SX Protocol. already powers their awesome first predictions market, , which has already done more than $50,000,000 in user bets!

To have this incorporated directly on-chain creates so many opportunities for betting platforms, and platforms that use predictions as a way to generate wealth, but that’s not the only exciting part!

SX Network has its own community owned treasury we mentioned in the allocation breakdown of $SX tokens, this means that $SX Token holders have the right to vote on what projects get funding from the treasury, isn’t that incredible? There are also plans to integrate predictions with the governance system itself, which is on a “Matrix” level of cool. More on Governance .

This means that the community truly gets to decide what projects get funding from word go, and ensures that SX network has projects that benefit the community as a whole, and not just a wealthy and connected few.

This is a beautiful step in the direction of true decentralization. If you’d like more information on the SX network, we found this to be super informative! If you’re a dApp developer and are interested in deploying, here’s the for SX Network!

PolyCrystal’s Cross Chain Intentions

We believe that the power in blockchains is how they all work together, and each blockchain has its own individual benefits, as well as unique challenges. By making the PolyCrystal platform available across multiple blockchains, we unlock new ways to generate income from these different chains, taking advantage of all of the unique benefits.

SX Network has a variety of benefits to DeFi platforms, and the PolyCrystal team recently announced we will be in the future! is beginning discussions for potentially deploying on their network in the future! This could be a big step for us, and we are very excited, and thankful to SX for their cooperation in this partnership!

The future is $CRYSTL clear 🔮📈 Polygon decentralized yield farm 🧑‍🌾