The Launch of V3 Vaults

Its finally time! The #CrystlCrew has been waiting patiently for this moment, and Crystl Finance is proud to announce that the release of V3 is now in sight! Keep on reading to find out the details as well as what to expect with the initial launch!

Wen Launch?

The question on everyone’s mind! We’re thrilled to say that a release date will be provided shortly within the next 7 days (or less).

As the code is being published on the blockchain, the auditors will have to do a final look-over for the sake of security. Once they get back to us we will be able to give the community an exact date, so be sure to keep an eye on our Twitter page for the announcement!

Launch Details

At launch, we will be partnered with Greenhouse DEX on Polygon, and CronaSwap DEX on Cronos. Get ready to enjoy some #HighVibeAPY Ultra Farms and Boosted Vault rewards!

🚜#1 CRONA Ultra Farm [CRONA-CRO]:
→Earn auto-compounding CRONA

🚜#2 [CRONA Boosted 🔥] CRONA Ultra Farm [BTC-ETH]:
→Stake BTC-ETH
→Earn auto-compounding CRONA
→Earn bonus CRONA from Boost

🚜#3 [CRYSTL Boosted 🔥] CRONA Ultra Farm [CRO-USDC]:
→Earn auto-compounding CRONA
→Earn bonus CRYSTL from Boost

🔄#4 CRONA Single Asset Vault [CRONA]:
→Stake CRONA
→Earn auto-compounding CRONA

🚜#5 GREEN Ultra Farm [GREEN-ETH]:
→Earn auto-compounding GREEN

🚜#6 GREEN Ultra Farm [UST-USDC]:
→Earn auto-compounding GREEN

🚜#7 GREEN Ultra Farm [UST-ETH]:
→Stake UST-ETH
→Earn auto-compounding GREEN

🔄#8 GREEN Single Asset Vault [GREEN]:
→Stake GREEN
→Earn auto-compounding GREEN

Legacy Vaults

Some of you may be wondering what will happen to the existing V2 Vaults. These will be moved to the Legacy Vaults tab and over the next few weeks we will progressively migrate the most popular V2 Vaults to V3. On launch, only a limited number of Legacy Vaults will be migrated to V3 but you can expect more of these to be migrated in the near future.

If you are currently staking in a V2 Vault, be sure to migrate to the V3 version when it becomes available as the V3 Vaults are much more efficient. Another reason to migrate is that on Polygon the performance fee will be reduced from 5% to 3% as per the last Governance Proposal!

New Brand

If you’ve been keeping up with the #CrystlClearRadio podcast then you already know that Crystl Finance will be undergoing a complete rebranding along with the release of V3.

  • New Token Logo
  • New Design & Color Theme
  • New Look & Feel

The New Crystl Finance brand will stand out through a premium, high quality look that does justice to the revolutionary V3 Vaults product built by our tech team. Furthermore, the new brand is a much better fit for our cross-chain ambitions. Crystl Finance can now expand to more blockchains with confidence, and truly shine as a recognizable and authentic platform.

What’s Next?

After V3 is up and running the next biggest thing in the pipeline is our expansion to BNB Chain as well as bringing more partnerships, Ultra Farms, and Boosted Vaults for a variety of staking & earning choices available only on Crystl Finance!💎



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