V3 Vaults Launching On Polygon!

After the initial launch of our V3 Vaults & Ultra Farms on #BNB and #Cronos, Crystl Finance is making the round trip to launch our revolutionary products on the #Polygon network.

Release Date

V3 Vaults will be deploying on #Polygon on June 21st, 2022. The following strategies will be made available upon launch:


To see the staking options once they go live, visit our [Website].

Why Choose Crystl Vaults?

Crystl V3 Vaults are built for Maximized Passive Income and are already available on #Cronos and #BNB. Soon, the very same innovative product will be available on #Polygon with the lowest performance fee (3%) among competitor platforms.

V3 Vaults are optimized for profitability and automatically compound multiple times a day, our intelligent compounding system also triggers additional compounds whenever users deposit or withdraw from the strategy and compounding is profitable.

What puts Crystl V3 Vaults further ahead of the competition is the fact that our code is completely original, innovative, and built for efficiency. V3 allows an unprecedented level of flexibility & scalability for the development of yield aggregators and maximizers. The code has been fully audited by HashEx and is available through the following [Link].

ERC-1155, Ultra Farms, and so much more…. Curious to learn what else makes V3 Vaults so special? Explore our product [Documentation].



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