V3 Vaults & Ultra Farms Are On The Way To Cronos!

Crystl Finance is thrilled to announce that our revolutionary yield maximization protocol will soon be making its way to the #Cronos chain!

👉To start earning, visit Crystl Finance on Cronos.

A number of strategies will be available on June 14th for you to maximize your passive income as outlined below:

V3 Vaults

  • $CRONA — $CRO
  • $CRO — $USDC
  • $BTC — $ETH
  • $USDC — $CRONA
  • $ICY Single Stake
  • $CRONA Single Stake

Vaults are traditional yield aggregation strategies that farm rewards & reinvest into LP tokens. V3 Vaults are the next evolution of our Vaults product and benefit from higher efficiency, compounding frequency, and other features like support for ERC-1155. You can learn about V3 in our documentation.

Ultra Farms

  • $CRONA — $CRO → Maximize $CRONA
  • $CRO — $USDC → Maximize $CRONA
  • $BTC — $ETH→ Maximize $CRONA [Boosted 🔥]
  • $ATOM — $CRO → Maximize $ICY

Ultra Farms are just one revolutionary product made possible by V3 Vaults. Unlike Vaults, Ultra Farms earn & maximize a single type of token by farming it and then automatically staking it to earn interest. Ultra Farms bring many benefits and help support your favorite protocols. Learn more about Ultra Farms here.

What’s Next?

A Vault for $CRYSTL — $CRO [Boosted 🔥] will also be available next week. We will continue to expand our arsenal of strategies on #Cronos in the near future. Be sure to stay tuned to our Twitter page for further announcements!



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