V3 Vaults User Guide

As Crystl Finance continues to expand to new blockchains and bring an ever increasing number of novel V3 Vault & Ultra Farm strategies, we thought it would be helpful to have a guide that teaches users how to navigate and interact with the platform. Follow along in this user guide to learn how to put your crypto to work for Maximized Passive Income on Crystl Finance.

Getting Started

To get started with using Crystl Finance, it is a good idea to become familiar with the Navigation Menu where you may access various resources & services offered by Crystl Finance. The “Earn” section is where you will find our staking products which you may use to grow & earn interest on your crypto assets.

  • V3 Vaults: Traditional yield maximizers which accept a deposit of two tokens paired in an LP and reinvest farming rewards automatically to grow the same deposit. Some single staking Vaults are also available.
  • Ultra Farms: A revolutionary yield automation product available only on Crystl Finance. Ultra Farms automatically direct your farming rewards into a particular strategy to maximize & earn additional interest in one kind of token. Dual Reward Ultra Farms allow users to earn LP in two tokens that might be completely different from the deposit.
  • Pools: The home of our Revenue Sharing feature where $CRYSTL LP may be staked to earn native gas tokens such as $CRO on Cronos or $MATIC on Polygon. Occasionally Crystl Finance offers single staking $CRYSTL Pools where users may farm various tokens.
  • Legacy Vaults: The original V2 Vaults which will be discontinued in August of 2022.

Connecting Your Wallet

As with any decentralized application, users must connect their wallet to Crystl Finance before interacting with our protocols.

Switching Networks

Crystl Finance is a multi-chain protocol that offers an array of staking options on various blockchains. The Network button may be used to navigate between all our product offerings on each network such as Cronos, BNB, Polygon, and all future blockchains.

How To Stake & Earn

Staking with Crystl Finance is incredibly simple! Begin by selecting the Vault or Ultra Farm you are particularly interested in. Using the “Zap In” button is the easiest way to jump into any strategy.

To use Zap, be sure to have one of the required tokens in your wallet. For example, to use the WBNB-BABY→BANANA Ultra Farm start with some WBNB tokens or BABY tokens in your wallet.

  1. Choose the token.
  2. Enter the amount to Zap.
  3. Approve the Zap contract.
  4. Zap!

If your Zap is successful, your deposit will immediately begin to earn interest. Before you proceed, be sure to also press the “Approve Contract” button which will unlock access to the rest of the interface, including the “Boost” feature.

How To Earn Boost Rewards

On occasion, Crystl Finance or participating partners will offer additional rewards on top of your Vault or Ultra Farm earnings through the Boost feature. In order to earn Boost rewards, be sure to press the “Enable Boost” button.

Once enabled, you may manually claim boost rewards by pressing the “Harvest Boost” button. In the example below, the boost reward is paid out in CRYSTL tokens which will be claimed to your wallet upon harvest.

Please keep in mind that boost rewards are not automatically staked or reinvested for interest. These are additional rewards you must claim manually. If you want to reinvest your Boost rewards into the strategy you are using, you will have to do this yourself.

Understanding Vaults

The above graphic should serve to help you further understand what is happening on the Vault interface. As mentioned previously, Vaults are automation instruments. This means there is nothing for users to harvest manually! The entire yield farming process is automated for a truly convenient passive income solution. The only exception to this is the Boost feature which is described in detail in the next section.

To learn more about Vaults, please see our documentation:

Understanding Ultra Farms & Boosts

The graphic above outlines key interface areas for Ultra Farm strategies. Please note that unlike Vaults which reinvest farming rewards into the same deposited LP, Ultra Farms earn tokens and deposit them automatically in a single staking strategy. In the example given, a user may stake WBNB-BABY in order to earn BANANA tokens. All BANANA tokens earned are staked automatically for additional interest in a single staking BANANA strategy. This all happens behind the scenes, allowing users to enjoy a fully automated, hands-off passive income experience.

Manual interaction is only necessary to harvest Boost rewards (if the strategy is Boosted). Pressing the “Harvest Ultra Farm” button is completely optional, as all strategies will automatically compound multiple times daily. Additional compounds may be triggered by users at the cost of gas.

To learn more about Ultra Farms and Boosts, see our documentation:

Further Learning

Once you are familiar with Crystl Finance’s automation products, it is recommended that you to check out the following resources describing how to strategize towards using the Crystl Finance platform to its full effectiveness through our Revenue Sharing feature:



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