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Hey #CrystalCrew! It’s been an incredible first 3 months for Crystl Finance since our launch in June! We have built multiple great partnerships, introduced amazing new features, changed our brand, and even became a premiere project on the Polygon Network!

Now, the time has come to take Crystl Finance to its next evolution! We are thrilled to announce that we are heading for BIGGER things in Q4 of 2021. And we’re not going alone!😉

All of you beautiful #CrystalCrew members are invited to come along with us on a journey to Explore the DeFi Universe 🌀 through Crystl Finance! Going forward all of our features and plans will be aligned to expand and grow Crystl Finance as both a premier Vaulting Platform and an exploratory tool for DeFi!

New Partnerships

It’s no secret that we love making amazing partners at Crystl Finance. Partners like DokiDoki, TreasureKey, and SX Network to name a few! Over the coming months, we are going to bring the Crystal Crew even more great partnerships both on Polygon and Cross-chain to help grow Crystl Finance and elevate the utility of the $CRYSTL token. This means brand new High APR Crystl Pools, Mines, and Vaults for you to explore DeFi with!🤩 Speaking of Vaults…

Over 100 Total Vaults

No that isn’t a typo, the Crystl Finance team is committed to have our total number of Crystl Vaults be over 100 by the end of the year 😎! These will include partner, blue chip, and stablecoin Vaults to satisfy every kind of appetite and risk tolerance preference for any investor! Not only will the Crystl Vaults offer High Vibe APY rewards, but they also automatically BUY-BACK and BURN $CRYSTL. With over 100 Crystl Vaults, we will be able to burn tons of $CRYSTL and help battle inflation!

Vault Zap Functionality

To improve our Vaults even further and make the staking process smooth for users, we are going to implement a Zap Function for our Crystl Vaults. This will greatly simplify the process of getting LPs for Vault staking and save users time and hassle. For example, if you have USDT and want to stake in the USDT — USDC Vault, you would have to convert half of the USDT to USDC and then go to the respective platform to make the LP token.

With the Crystl Zap you can do the entire process in a single step while staying on Crystl Finance! Take the single token and put it in the Zap Function and with one transaction it will convert half of the provided balance to the other token and automatically form the LP from the 2! Say goodbye to your troubles of having to leave Crystl just to create LP tokens! Our Zap will provide accessibility & simplicity for all!🥳

Cross-Chain Bridge

It’s no secret that Crystl Finance has cross-chain ambitions! Our mission is to make DeFi both easy and accessible for exploration through Crystl Finance. That is why we will introduce our very own Crystl Bridge! Users will be able to bridge funds to other blockchains to explore new realms of decentralized finance. We are also taking every precaution with our bridge to ensure all funds are 100% SAFU!🔓

Cross-Chain Vaults

There has been a lot of discussion as to what going Cross-chain means for the $CRYSTL token, and for the foreseeable future we want you to know that $CRYSTL will remain on Polygon. But this does not mean that we can’t bring benefits to $CRYSTL from other blockchains!😉

In Q4 we will take our Crystl Vaults to new frontiers on leading blockchains! This will allow us to establish Crystl Finance as a premier Vaulting platform in the DeFi Universe outside of Polygon, all while providing benefits to $CRYSTL holders. Crystl Vaults on other chains will function similarly to the ones on Polygon and have a performance fee. What does this mean? This is a WIN for Crystal Crew! The performance fee gathered from other chains will be bridged back to grow and support Crystl Finance on Polygon!💎 It will be used to burn $CRYSTL 🔥, add new Pools 🤿, and fund further developments of the platform!🤩

The Future is $CRYSTL Clear!

The next phase of the Crystl Finance journey will undoubtedly be filled with excitement! We look forward to having the #CrystalCrew along with us as we continue to grow and explore the DeFi Universe together! We’ll continue to work in Q4 toward building a meaningful governance system that ensures our users proper decision making power in a fair and equitable way, with more updates to come.

This isn’t a tentative list of upcoming features, and we plan to add even more great features to our Roadmap as we incorporate all of your amazing feedback to improve Crystl Finance. Be sure to submit all of your amazing suggestions through this link as well as by reaching out to us on Telegram.



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